The master bedroom should be one of the most luxurious rooms on the property. It is after all where the homeowner typically sleeps for the night, so it must be one of the most comfortable and sumptuous places in the house.

Ensuring that the master bedroom is indeed cosy can be challenging, but with suitable materials and an excellent plan, it can be achieved easily.

Renovating the main bedroom can also be a manageable financial burden. Once you have set your budget then you can search for the right style that would best suit you.

Internet searches on interior design websites will give you a clear idea of exactly how you want your master bedroom to look.

From colour schemes to soft furnishings all the way to furniture and with the right planning you will be able to match your style with that all-important budget.

Some of us may have the skill and ability to undertake the project as a do-it-yourself challenge in order to save money.

However, if you decide to hire a building contractor to take care of the project, along with the plans, tradespeople, budget and time, you will also require an excellent skip-hire company to clear the waste quickly. If you’re looking for a reputable skip hire company, you can click here to find out how they can help you with your project. 

Here are some helpful tips for renovating the master bedroom on a budget. 

 Essential Lighting

A white bedroom bathed in light

The best form of lighting is the natural form

A master bedroom must have enough lighting to ensure the ambience is perfect for those who use it. Most master bedrooms need to have lighting that suits the time of day you are using it. Not all of us want a bright light and not all of us want low lighting so for the best of both worlds it is an idea to install dimmable lighting fixtures to allow the homeowner to turn the intensity up or down as needed.

If the room doesn’t have enough windows and you are going for a full renovation, why not add windows or a skylight which will let natural light into the room.

Extra windows also give you the opportunity for extra curtains and even more ways to make that master bedroom the luxurious boudoir only seen in interior design magazines.

 Update The En Suite

A double sink

An en suite can improve your master bedroom with the right styling

If the main bedroom comes with an en suite or a bathroom adjoining it, an update will give the entire master suite that air of style that you crave. For example, you can change the floor and wall tiles, repaint the walls and ceilings, and add fixtures and features such as mirrors, cabinets, and a bathtub.

Think about how the en suite can mix with the design of the bedroom. Having the same theme in both rooms will add elegance and style to your renovation project.

 Improve The Storage

Vintage wardrobe

Vintage furniture can improve the look of the master suite

One of those things that comes at a premium is storage space. A fully skilled carpenter could install bespoke cupboards and drawers into any existing alcoves without the expense of buying new furniture. If you’re into using multi-functional furniture, you can invest in bedroom benches that can double as blanket storage.

This year’s theme seems to be vintage furniture so if you are not using a carpenter, for instance, a retro wardrobe will become a focal point of the master suite, or an art deco dressing table and mis-matched chair can give you that bohemian style that interior designers are raving about for 2023.

Making the master bedroom stylish and yet fully functional is doable.

 Style As You Wish

Bright patterned wallpaper in master bedroom

Patterned wallpaper can add depth to your master bedroom

One of the things you must do if you wish to improve the space is to change the paint scheme on the walls and ceilings. White- and beige-coloured walls are outdated and have been overshadowed with bold and daring colour schemes.

So instead, choose a paint scheme that will reflect your personality and revitalise you in the mornings or in turn, help you sleep better at night.

If you want to use wallpaper, try patterned and textured ones, which would help to create an illusion of depth.

To set the ambience, you can also place different wall features, such as portraits, paintings, and even a floor lamp. You can express your style by changing a few simple things to suit your needs and preference.


Transforming the master bedroom is a wonderful exercise of preference. Knowing how the space will look before you renovate it is going to make the project easier and more enjoyable and depending on your budget, it can make the master bedroom look and feel like a five star hotel suite.