If you are running and operating a business – whether a large manufacturing facility or a small enterprise – several factors can influence your decision on which solar panels to purchase. There’s no doubt that you can install a wide range of both business and commercial solar panels regardless of your industry, but the results may differ. In general, for example, commercial solar panels are more suitable for large sectors such as manufacturing and agriculture, where you have more space.

On the other hand, business solar panels are more suitable for medium-sized and smaller businesses where you may set up the installation in one building (sometimes two). But what other factors should you consider if you plan to install solar panels for your enterprise? Here’s how to select the ideal commercial solar panels for your business. 

Commercial or Business Solar Panels?

As mentioned above, two distinct categories of solar panels are used for business enterprises: commercial and business solar panels. The choice, of course, is up to you, but you will make the most feasible choice based on a few factors, such as your budget, your energy consumption per month, the size of your enterprise, your space available for an installation, and your objectives and goals regarding renewable energy. 

Some of these factors are self-explanatory. For instance, based on your budget, you can determine the amount you can afford to spend on installing and purchasing solar panels. Likewise, your monthly energy usage will tell you how much energy you need to generate. But your objectives on solar energy – your goals, in other words – will be a lot more challenging to determine, so think about it thoroughly and carefully. 

For instance – if your end goal is to make more money by generating solar energy, you may have different needs than if your goal is to reduce your monthly energy bill. Are you just concerned about your company’s carbon footprint? Then this will affect your choice of solar panel installation as well. 

All businesses want to reduce costs where they can and adding solar energy will help you with that goal. The installation of solar panels will also increase your green credentials which can often prove a selling point to potential clients who are looking for businesses to invest into based on sustainability.

Power cable of the national grid

Solar panels will reduce energy costs in many ways

  • How To Choose Solar Panels Based On Your Business Size

Keep in mind that the best solar panels for commercial use will often be more powerful (and larger) than those used for personal energy use. As you may already know, commercial solar panels are often more suitable for large-scale businesses that need more power than smaller businesses. And it is notable that with commercial solar panels, the extra power or energy generated by the system is also sold back to the grid, thus producing more profit for the company. 

Buy to give you a better idea; here’s what you should know about your business or commercial enterprise size. For smaller-sized businesses, you can go for a small system (a size of 4kW would often be ideal); your savings could reach £16K over two decades.

If you have a larger-sized business enterprise, you could use a 10kW system with an annual return of around £2K each year. Finally, suppose you are operating an even larger business or enterprise that requires more energy to run. In that case, you could opt for a 50Kw-sized system which could generate more than £10K annually, just in income alone. 

With energy costs soaring and the price of running a business increasing year on year the cost of installation will be regained sooner than ever, meaning that solar panels are becoming a wise investment into your business.

Of course, for the best possible installation, you should get as many as three quotes from solar installers and seek advice from solar manufacturers for the best solar panels for your requirements.