Winter is still with us. To most, this is a moment of the year where the blues starts to install itself in our lives, only broken up by dreams of a warm sun, a beach or being with friends enjoying a pool party. But there are ware ways to break the blues by going along with the cold months, instead of fighting them. Here are three that you will be able to use to change your state of mind, when you take the decision to head out to the mountain.

Head out to Savoie, France, for a Few Days in the Mountains

If you want to beat the winter blues, there is no better place than in the Savoie region, in France, especially at Les Arcs skiing resort. That is where people go to celebrate winter. If you see pictures of people having fun in the snow, they are probably in that part of the world. Why? Because there is nowhere else where you can enjoy such beautiful skiing. Especially if you choose to go down slopes at Les Arcs 1950 skiing area. It is the second largest skiing area in the world (Paradiski) and it offers close to 300 runs on over 400 kilometres of slopes. If that doesn’t bring back a smile to your face in winter time, nothing will.

One: Play Outside

It doesn’t matter if you are a ski fanatic or not. Once you get to the mountains, you can practice many different activities outside, that will bring you back to life. Playing in the snow is something everyone likes to do; not just children. Whether it means going downhill on skis or a snowboard, or if you would rather use a sledge or a tube, you will benefit in all cases of the pure air, and the cold embrace of winter, that wakes you up during the day and makes you sleep better at night. If you wonder about the level of snow that you will find once you get to the resort, take a look at Les Arcs weather, which shows the site live at all times, through a webcam.

Two: Relax Inside

If you would rather be looking at the snow through large bay windows, while relaxing in a swimming pool, you can also do this at the mountains, when you visit Les Arcs 1950. That is because the 5-star hotel has its own pools and spa. You can even let the snowflakes melt on your face, while bathing in the warm water of the outside heated pool, a magic memory that you will cherish forever. But that is not all, you can also spend time in the hammam, the sauna or the Jacuzzi. The resort offers a full range of relaxing activities trough its wellness areas, which has nothing to envy to other 5-stars accommodations, anywhere in the world.

Three: Enjoy Great Food

It would be silly not to benefit from the wonderful cuisine of France, while you stay in Savoie. It will replenish you after a long day playing outside, and you can digest it all, looking at the stars, while in the Jacuzzi. After that, your blues will surely go away. And don’t forget to take a look at Les Arcs weather before heading outside again!