Accessorising is a way that you can spice up your outfits and add some interest to your look by incorporating smaller pieces, like shoes, jewellery, or winter accessories, into your look. Fashion accessories might serve a practical function but are often also chosen to complement the rest of an outfit and provide those all-important finishing touches. With the right accessories, you can add new energy to your outfits, even if you’re wearing clothes that have been ‘old faithful’ for many years.

Types of Fashion Accessories

There are a few basic categories of fashion accessories that you probably have in your wardrobe:

  •      Jewellery: Whether you’re quite minimal on the jewellery and only have one necklace or watch or have a large selection of statement necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to choose from, jewellery is easy to turn to when you’re looking to add the perfect finishing touch to your look. If you’re new to wearing jewellery, consider starting subtle with items like small diamond studs, huggies hoop earrings, or a delicate pendant. 
  •      Winter accessories: Hats, scarves, and winter gloves keep you warm, but they offer much more than that. With these accessories, you can add colour and patterns to your look and add some interest to a neutral or plain outfit. Find out more about dressing great for winter weather online at
  •      Footwear: Footwear is an accessory you likely need to wear daily. Add some neutral footwear to your collection but keep a few stand-out pieces. Fun yet comfortable shoes are best, as you’ll want to wear them a lot. 
  •      Handbags: Bags are another fashion item that finishes an outfit while serving a practical function, too. A few handbags in different colours and styles mean you’ll always have a unique accessory to complete any outfit. 
  •      Belts: Belts are another fashionable, functional accessory to have. Whether it’s simple or embellished, narrow or wide, you can make any outfit look more polished by defining your waistline with a belt. 

Choosing the Perfect Accessories

Accessorising well is all about balance, so there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right accessories for your looks.

Choose a Signature

If you feel overwhelmed by the accessory options, choose one statement piece you love. Pick something that makes you feel great and that you can easily wear with several outfits.

Consider Colours and Patterns

You can easily use accessories to add a pop of colour to a simple outfit. Stand-out prints and bright shades can be difficult to work into your wardrobe, but using them by adding an elaborate scarf, bag, or pair of shoes can elevate your look.

Don’t Worry About Matching

Your accessories don’t have to match one another – in fact, this look can end up being more conservative compared to fashion-forward. Instead, look for accessories that complement one another and your outfit.

You can take any bland outfit to fabulous with the right accessories within seconds.