4 Quick Ideas and Tips to Lower Mortgage Payments

Everyone knows that mortgages can be a financial drain, especially if they take up too much of the monthly expense budget. Real estate investors understand that if they wish to expand their holdings, they must live with the spectre of juggling mortgage payments until they create a positive cash flow from their properties. Mortgages are necessary products that help people who need quick money at a favourable enough interest rate payable at an acceptable timeframe.

However, mortgages can also pose a problem for real estate investors still in the red. Although mortgages are necessary to pay off loans, they can put an individual deeper into debt if they take up a huge chunk of change per month. It will be best for real estate investors to work with experts who can assist them with their concerns. Savvy investors must consult a seasoned financial advisor for mortgages to help them find ways to make their payments more reasonable. It’ll also be best to work with local experts because they will be more accessible to the client.

Here are some ways to lower mortgage payments quickly.

Cancel private mortgage insurance premiums

Chances are, if you paid less than 20 per cent down payment or equity towards the purchase of the house, you’re paying private mortgage insurance (PMI), which can add a lot to the monthly payment. One of the best ways to cancel PMI is to have the property re-appraised to determine whether the value has increased since you first purchased it. If the value has grown significantly, there’s a huge chance you can qualify for PMI cancellation.

Refinance for a lower interest rate

If you qualified for a mortgage before with a lower credit score and your rating has improved since then, you can ask to refinance the mortgage so you can enjoy a much lower rate. Asking the bank to refinance will lower your mortgage payments and save you thousands to tens of thousands over the life of the new loan.

Refinance for a longer term

Another way to lower mortgage payments is to refinance the loan with a longer term. You can decrease the monthly payments by extending the current loan into a longer payment period. Of course, you have to consider several factors to determine whether you’ll save as, typically, you’ll end up paying more in total interest. However, since your goal is to lower the mortgage payments, it may not matter much.

Recast the mortgage

If you have a large lump sum of money available, you can pay off part of the loan principal and keep the maturity date. A recast will allow you to lower the mortgage payment without going through refinancing. You can enjoy the lower mortgage rate in place after re-computation. The process reduces the principal and monthly interest due, which makes it a cost-efficient option. You can talk to the servicer to determine how to do this efficiently.


Decreasing mortgage payments can help a homeowner save on monthly payments. Several avenues are available if they wish to make lower payments on their outstanding debts.


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