Interior design styles and trends come and go. New fads and fashions will disappear as quickly as they appear, leaving designers and homeowners scrambling to revamp their space to fit with what’s currently hot.

However, some styles defy these fickle trends and stand the test of time as truly iconic design choices. Wooden flooring is certainly one of the most classic interior design looks. It can offer a huge number of benefits, from the aesthetic to the practical. Let’s take a look at some of the three top style ideas for living rooms with wooden floors. Keep reading to find out more.

Create a Textural Contrast

Contrast is a fundamental principle of all forms of design. The juxtaposition you can create through the proper use of contrast is incredibly effective at drawing the eye and creating a striking visual impression. However, contrast doesn’t need to begin and end with visuals. We can create contrast that appeals to the other senses as well.

Wooden flooring is hard and can be cold, characteristics that are often cited as among the material’s major benefits. One potential downside to wooden flooring is the lack of cosiness. Thankfully, this can easily be rectified by using a rug on your floor or by including a lot of comfortable soft furnishings in your living room. Doing so will help you soften the physicality of your wooden floor, allowing you to enjoy its many benefits in total comfort and luxury.

Create contrast with your furniture as well. Wooden furniture on wooden flooring, be it natural or engineered wood flooring, can look a bit too uniform. Throw in some variation with the furniture you chose. Go for woven fabrics or leather to create a textural contrast.


Choose the Right Colour

Colour in any interior space is absolutely crucial. Not only will it dictate the atmosphere and tone of the room, but it can also influence our mood and emotions.

In what may come as a surprise, picking the right colour to go with wood can be trickier than you might expect. The first thing you should do is carefully consider your flooring’s unique colours and undertones. Wood as a material is highly individual. Your flooring will contain a range of different tones throughout it, often with hints of red, orange, or yellow. By identifying what colours make up your wood flooring, you can accentuate these through the colour choices in the rest of your living room.

Wood is a relatively neutral tone which means it can be paired with a number of colours. One of the most popular colours to pair with wood is green. Green’s brightness and vibrancy will combine with wood’s subtlety fantastically, and the combination will establish a sense of peace, serenity, and the natural world.

Bring in Plants

Choosing the right ornaments with which to decorate our living spaces can be difficult. We want something that will catch the eye, and that will be an attractive and tasteful addition to our homes.

One of the best decorative choices you can make for a living room with wooden floors is the addition of one or more houseplants. We mentioned before how effective the combination between wood and the colour green is. Plants are an excellent way to achieve this colour combo and will further emphasise your room’s natural world atmosphere.

Plants come in all shapes and sizes, so ensure you pick the right one for your space. If you have pets, make sure the plant you choose isn’t toxic or harmful to them in any way.

Plant pots can be another fantastic creative outlet. Choose bright tones like white for a living space with wooden floors. The wood will act as a natural visual anchor to the vibrancy of the white and the green to create a stunning overall visual impression.

Wooden floors have been a classic design choice for decades and look set to continue as such for many years to come. Make the right style choices in your wooden floored living room to bring out the best of this iconic material. Create a textural contrast with rugs, soft furnishings, and furniture, choose the right colour scheme, and add some plants to the space to create vibrancy and life.