Home offices are spaces where we go to be alone, to focus, and to create. But most often, our homes become cluttered with piles of paper, files, and supplies, which makes finding items challenging. In addition, your space may not be large enough to comfortably fit all of these materials including the office furniture, which further hinders productivity.

Home office storage ideas can be very difficult to come by when space isn’t abundant and even more challenging to come by when unused space is abundant. You may have a lot of stuff, but it might just take a little organization to make sure it finds its way where it belongs.

Don’t worry, you can create an organized and clutter-free workspace even in a limited space.

Keep reading because we’re going to show you how to make your home office storage system for any size room. With these home office storage ideas, you’ll be able to organize any space quickly and easily. We’ve outlined ways of organizing, storing, decorating, and entertaining and help you choose what works best for you.

1. Add stylish floating shelves

Floating shelves are great because they give you additional storage space without taking up much floor space. They’re also easy to install, making them perfect for small spaces like dorm rooms, apartments, offices, and even kitchens. You can use them anywhere you’d normally put a bookshelf —in the living space, bedroom, or bathroom.

2. Use metal shelving

Metal shelves are sturdy and durable, so you don’t have to worry about breaking them easily. Plus, they look good in almost any colour scheme. If you prefer white, black, silver, gold, copper, or bronze, there are plenty of options out there.

3. Go vertical

If you’ve got limited wall space, try hanging some of your items vertically. This way, you’ll still get the same amount of storage space, but vertical space won’t take up as much floor space.

4. Create custom shelves

You can customize your shelves to fit your needs perfectly. For example, you could make one shelf just for office documents. Or, you could build a shelf specifically for file boxes and other supplies. Whatever you decide, you can find a wide range of styles online.

5. Blend shelves in with the wall

This trick is perfect if you don’t want to make a big deal about it. If you’re looking to add some hidden storage to a small area, you can use a shelf without painting it. Paint the shelf itself white, and then cover it with wallpaper. Once dry, peel off the paper and you’ll have a clean surface to store things on.

You can even use this technique to hide ugly electrical outlets, too. Just cut out a hole where the outlet goes, slip in the wire, and then put the piece of wood over it.

6. Take things up high

In today’s office environment, we are surrounded by technology. We use our phones to check emails, take notes, make calls, send messages, etc., and we even rely on computers to do most of our work. But did you know that many people don’t realise just how much space is wasted in their workspace?

You can have a small shelf above the desk space. You can put everything in easy access. This includes pens, pencils, paper clips, tape measures, rulers, scissors, staplers, glue sticks, etc. You can also store the phone charger and headphones here.

7. Use storage as decor

Decorative boxes on open shelves make it easy to see what you’re storing. They can also help you organize items better. And since they don’t take up much room, they’re perfect for small spaces. For example, you could store important documents in one box while books fill another. Or maybe you’d like to use decorative boxes to display artwork. 

Bespoke storage baskets are a great way hide messy house office rooms. If you want to keep things tidy, place them on an open shelf. But if you want to show off your stuff, hang a basket on a wall hook.

8. Make the most of the space behind the desk

Having a workspace behind your desk helps you keep clutter out of sight and gives you easy access to everything you need without having to move around your work area. However, there are many different ways to set up a home office. 

Use a large table. If you have enough room behind your desk, consider buying a larger table. You could use it as a place to store files, books, and supplies. If you don’t want to buy one, you can always build a small shelf using wood scraps.

9. Use wall storage to house tech

Wire racks make a good place to store items like phones, chargers and cords. They’re easy to use and don’t take up much space. If you have limited home office space, consider hanging one above your desk. You’ll find it easier to reach what’s stored there.

Wall storage is a storage piece of furniture that is perfect for holding your phone charger and other accessories. A wire rack is a simple way to organize your cables. Just hang it where you can see it easily.

You can also use a wire rack to store office supplies. For example, you could hang a wire rack over your printer and put pens, pencils and sticky notes in the drawers. This keeps everything organized and within view.

10. Have a designated area for your home office equipment

Your office needs to be organized, but small enough to be able to fit into any room in your house. If you want to keep your workspace neat, consider having a dedicated area for your computer. You’ll avoid clutter and save yourself from constantly moving items around.

Keep your printer in one place. You might find it easier to print out documents if you keep your printer near your desk. By keeping your printer close by, you won’t have to spend time searching for paper every time you need to print something.

11. Set up an easy filing cabinet system

Filing cabinets are one of the most common ways people try to organize things. But it doesn’t always work out well. Some people struggle to find what they’re looking for, while others end up with a mess of papers everywhere. 


Final thoughts

Be efficient in a small home office. The average Brit spends roughly nine hours each day sitting behind a computer screen. This number doesn’t include commuting times, eating lunch, or even getting ready for work. With such long periods spent staring at a monitor, it makes sense that many people are looking for ways to make their home office spaces more efficient.

If you’re working from home, there are some things you can do to ensure that your workspace is both effective and comfortable.