11 Home Extension Ideas 

The best designs to reinvent your home 

If you want to improve your house, renovate or sell, then consider adding some extra space. Your new kitchen, bathroom or garden room can transform your property into something much bigger and better. These extensions are perfect for homeowners who have lived in their homes for years, looking to add value without spending too much time or money.

Extensions aren’t only useful for selling. They also come in handy for those wanting to redecorate or simply extend the life of tired rooms. 

A well-designed house extension project can increase your property value, extend its lifespan, reduce fuel bills, and even create additional living spaces. Whether you choose to invest in a loft conversion, attic conversion, garage or basement conversion, our experts will provide helpful advice and inspiration.

It has become quite common to see homes being renovated and altered, especially now that new technologies allow homeowners to get things done easily. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next renovation project, check out these top ten ideas. They’re sure to give you the best house extension ideas for your space.

1. Utilise a side return

To make a space feel bigger, it needs to have greater proportions. With that in mind, if you’re considering a kitchen extension, consider what else you might do with the side return area – maybe creating another large family bedroom or living space.

To make a smaller area feel bigger, consider extending beyond traditional boundaries via a unique design scheme. For example, incorporating an outside wall extension gives the illusion of creating larger rooms where none existed before, while also helping to bring the outdoors inside.

Accordingly, planning permission may be needed if your plans call for an extension of greater size than those already approved. In addition, you’ll likely need to get permission to build a roofline higher than that allowed under the existing scheme. Your local authority building control department is the best place to start. You’ll also need to consider how much space you can get around the outside of the house before it reaches the boundary line. If the proposed area is smaller than half the total frontage, eave height cannot exceed 3 metres. A detailed plan showing where you intend to put windows, doors and any conservatories would help your application greatly.

Construction costs vary according to your needs, however, estimate around £1500 to £2000 per square meter for average quality; for a side return project of 2 meters by five meters, the building construction price might be as little as £15,000 upwards.

2. Consider a single-storey extension

Single-storey house extension ideas can be an affordable and practical choice for homeowners who wish to add on to their homes without spending too much money. They come in various shapes and sizes, so they’re perfect for families who have outgrown the limitations of a two-bedroom apartment but want to retain an existing room inside to live comfortably.

When done correctly, single-storey additions can make your house feel bigger and open up the rooms inside, which provides a better sense of spaciousness. In addition, they can provide the extra living space needed by a growing family.

They can add light, storage, and outdoor living areas. It’s just a matter of deciding where to place them. One idea would be to install big windows to let lots of natural sunlight into a room. You may also choose to install sliding patio doors, giving access to your outside space without having to open an entire wall. In smaller properties, these extensions can provide valuable storage, too.

3. Extend up to the roof

Roof extensions are a fantastic addition to your property. They allow you to extend your living space whilst still maintaining the comfort and style of your current house. 

This is an example of how to extend a space without destroying its character, a great way to bring natural light into a room.

4. Add roof lights or a lantern 

Give the appearance of a roof glass extension, no matter what shape your building takes, with roof lights or a glazing system.

A glazed roof provides an attractive way to add space without being intrusive to your home. They are a stylish addition to contemporary homes with lean-to-roof arrangements. Generally, large glass windows are utilized on the ground floor, horizontal extension roofs yet if a sloped roof is needed then roof windows are a wonderful alternative.

Glass roofs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and provide plenty of design opportunities. They can be set into a parapet wall so that they rise above ground level, or sit flush with the building’s façade if you wish. You can choose to install them so that they retract below the roofline or remain fully exposed. For homeowners who would like a clear view through their roof space, they may also opt for a single piece of glass.

5. Walls can be retracted

What do you think about an extension that allows a seamless fusion of inside and outside spaces?

Sliding doors are an excellent way to give a room a complete makeover. They can easily be opened up, and they allow more space for extra storage without taking up a lot of room. You can find sliding door plans around the internet, so if you want something custom built, it’s not difficult to do.

6. Save money by buying ‘off-the-shelf’

Off-the-shelf options are cheaper than custom-made ones. The savings you make are great. There are many design choices available for off-the-shelf windows, doors and other home furnishings too. 

These shelf creations don’t require extensive building and are therefore less expensive. Time and money will be saved by gaining an extension this way. A budget-friendly extension idea is available for every household.

7. Balance out your house with a loft conversion

Convert to attic conversions can work for those who’d like a fashionable home office where storage is also readily available.

If you have enough living space downstairs, but lack bedrooms and bathrooms, then a loft conversion can be the perfect way to bring your home into proportion. In most cases, loft conversions are used as extra bedrooms with en suite bathrooms. The space can also be used as a den for teens, a cinema room or a home office. Take advantage of the spectacular views from your home by moving some of your living areas into the new loft.

8. Open up with glazing

Taking out walls in the kitchen and replacing them with large glass doors means your space is totally garden-facing. Walk directly into your new kitchen, where everything is within reach, and enjoy the benefits of being outdoors year-round. Enjoy the fresh air and natural light.

Additionally, large box windows add a practical shelf for sitting or showcasing plants, letting in even more sunlight.

9. Convert the garage

Your garage can be expanded onto the rear extension of your garden, creating an additional room and opening out the back of your home. A patio area can then be built off one side and linked to the existing lounge/dining room.

Or, you may also knock down the wall between your garage and house so that they share one big space. It can be transformed into an open-plan kitchen, living and dining area – if you knock down one wall! You could remove the wall from the garage and replace it with windows along the entire back side of the house, allowing sunlight into the home without compromising privacy.

If you don’t currently have the funds to extend your home then perhaps another option would be to consider extending the existing space that you already own.

If you seldom utilize your garage and parking isn’t high-priced in your town, it might be worth investing yet this specific area so you can convert your garage into another living space.

You can expect to end up paying between £5000 and £7500 (£1000 to £1250 per sq m) depending on what kind of material you choose.

10. Adding length to a narrow kitchen

Even the smallest of additions can completely change the shape of your home. In a cramped kitchen, an extension added to the back of the house provides additional space for cooking equipment. By opening up the kitchen into the garden, you allow a natural flow between indoors and outdoors, enhancing the feeling of being part of nature. The addition of double doors opens up views of the garden, creating a strong link between inside and outside spaces.

11.  A modern kitchen is a great house extension idea

When creating an extension to your home, be sure to combine modular units, together with end panels, worktop and other features that can be acquired anywhere locally. By doing so, you may save yourself money and time.

In most cases, manufacturers do no longer offer panels big enough for huge appliance islands, or floor-to-ceiling stacks of appliances to create “appliance walls” with no visible seams.

To avoid this, you can buy large sheets of MFC in a coordinating colour from a professional manufacturer together with a matching iron-on. Sliding metal door units to fit standard-sized cupboards are also available.



The decision to add an extension to your house will depend on your personal circumstances. Based on the area’s market conditions, comparables, and size, the return on investment varies.

An extension to your home will save you both the cost and the hassle of relocating. Furthermore, a properly designed addition can improve the quality of your life, which makes it worth the effort.


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