We are all getting ready for the summer and the sun and warmth it brings – not to mention fun, fabulous times with our families and friends! As summer approaches (if it hasn’t approached already), it’s the perfect time to plan a delightful picnic to soak up the sun’s rays and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you’re heading to the beach, park, or even your own backyard, a picnic is an excellent way to relax and create lasting memories with friends and family. But how can you best plan a picnic – and more importantly, how can you make your summer picnic truly amazing? Here are some top ideas to inspire you.

  • Choose the perfect picnic spot

 The first step to an amazing summer picnic is selecting an ideal location. Think of picturesque spots with great views, lush greenery, or serene lakesides. You can choose from different parks, botanical gardens, and even local vineyards, and they can all offer a beautiful backdrop for your picnic. Don’t forget to check if reservations or permits are required, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

  • Pick a delightful theme

Adding a theme to your picnic can elevate the overall experience and create a fun atmosphere. There are many themes that are perfect for a summer picnic, themes like a Hawaiian luau, vintage-inspired or tropical paradise, and more. Do your research, pick a theme that suits your preference – and encourage your guests to dress accordingly! Decorate the picnic area with colourful banners, themed tablecloths, and fresh flowers. The ambience should transport everyone to a  whole, different world.

  • Serve delectable picnic fare

 A picnic is incomplete without scrumptious food but opt for finger foods and portable dishes that are easy to pack and eat. Consider the ‘picnic classics’ like sandwiches, wraps, fruit skewers, and cheese platters. You can even try incorporating international flavours like Mediterranean mezze or Mexican street tacos for a twist! When it comes to your beverages for your picnic, lemonade is another quintessential summer beverage, and it is a must-have for any picnic. Its tangy and refreshing flavours are sure to please everyone. You can even create a lemonade bar with various flavours such as classic lemon, strawberry, or mint-infused lemonade, and for fresh and easy lemonade, click here.

Of course, don’t forget to offer other chilled beverages like iced tea, fruit-infused water, or sparkling sodas. Bring a large cooler filled with ice to keep the drinks chilled throughout the picnic.

  • Incorporate the fun and games

 Add an element of entertainment to your picnic with fun games and activities – you can play volleyball or have a friendly game of football. Set up a game of badminton or bring a deck of cards for a leisurely afternoon. You can even organise a scavenger hunt or set up a photo booth with props to capture memorable moments, and these activities will keep everyone engaged and ensure a fun-filled day.

A well-planned summer picnic can be an unforgettable experience filled with laughter, delicious food, and refreshing beverages. You can create an amazing atmosphere by choosing a scenic location, adding a theme, and incorporating tasty treats. So, gather your loved ones, plan ahead, and embark on a memorable summer picnic that will leave everyone smiling. Cheers to a fantastic picnic season ahead!