Top 11 Wallpaper For Boys Bedroom

Boys love their gadgets, and their bedrooms are the perfect place to let them shine. If you’ve recently redecorated your son’s bedroom and want to add some pep, follow our suggestions for the top 11 wallpaper designs for a boy’s room. By giving his walls an unexpected look, you can give his bedroom a whole new character. 

A wallpapered room makes it seem bigger, brighter and more interesting while accentuating the furniture and other elements in the room. If your boy is past the primary school years but not yet ready for university or renting his apartment, he needs a bedroom that’s both mature and fun. You don’t want to overdo it with all kinds of masculine details and end up with something that feels like an old-fashioned professor’s study. But too much baby blues will make him feel like he’s still a kid again. Keep reading to find out about the top 11 wallpaper designs for a boy’s room!

1. Sports wallpaper

This design is a good choice for sports-loving boys who love to be active and who like to practice and play team sports. It looks great with framed photos of favourite teams and famous athletes and branded sports gear like soccer balls and baseball bats. 

You can choose the colour variation that best matches your son’s favourite team or sport. Bulldogs, blue and white, or roosters, red and white, are good choices. For boys who love sports, this design gives his room subtle colour, a touch of logos and sports gear, and a design that’s both bold and subtle. The patterns and colours in the design won’t become boring or stale, and they will add interest and personality to any room.

2. Star Wars

There are so many Star Wars fans out there, and they’re not all limited to the boys. But if your son loves the characters and the storyline, they can make a great theme for his bedroom. 

If he has the entire collection, from toy robots to replicas of the spacecraft, you can use those as decoration. And even if he doesn’t have anything on that level, you can stage a Star Wars scene on his walls. 

Choose a dramatic scene that has a lot of colour and brightness. An exterior view of a desert planet, with two spaceships locked in battle, is an exciting choice. The characters can be silhouettes, with colour that matches the desert sand. If you want something a bit quieter, you can choose a night scene, with the two spaceships lit by an explosion behind them.

3. Desert oasis

Deserts are places of discovery and new beginnings, so if your boy is studying or planning to travel to one, this is a great choice for the walls. The bold combination of sand, grey and black is a great backdrop for framed photos of exotic places or colourful posters of wildlife. 

The design works well with almost any furniture, including bold modern pieces, or traditional wooden items. If you create a small oasis in your son’s room, you can help him slip away and find the peace he needs to let his creativity flow. Whether he’s doing homework, writing a song, or just kicking back and dreaming, the calm and welcoming nature of the desert oasis can help him find his way.

4. Elements of nature

This nature-themed pattern is a good choice for boys who love the outdoors, animals, or science. It can also tie in nicely with a sports-themed room or a sports-and-science mash-up. 

If your son loves animals, science, or the great outdoors, this design is perfect. It features patterns and colours that remind us of nature while bringing a little warmth and personality to his room. It’s subtle enough that it won’t overpower the furniture or other elements in the room, but it’s bright enough to make a statement.

5. Faux marble wallpaper

If your boy loves sports and is a fan of baseball, basketball, hockey, or football, this design is a good choice. It’s also great for kids who love music or computers, and those who like adventure or exploring the world. 

The bold, black-and-white design works well with framed sports pictures and team logos, or music posters. This bold but subtle design is perfect for boys who like sports, computers, music, adventure, and more. It’s a great backdrop for sports team logos and framed sports pictures or framed concert posters. Plus, it looks like real marble, but without the high price tag.

6. Computer games: Rainbow hexagon wallpaper

For boys who love computer games, this design brings their love for pixelated graphics to life on the walls. It’s also good for boys who love science and space, or who enjoy reading and writing stories. The design works well with branded posters and logos, or framed photos of favourite sci-fi or gaming characters. 

If your son plays computer games and loves pixelated graphics, this design will bring his passion to life in his room. The bold hexagon pattern looks great with computer graphics and branded posters and logos.

7. Robots and games

If you have a boy whose interests tend toward the technical and the mechanical, robots or other types of machinery make great wallpaper designs. Choose a photo that shows one or more machines in action: a robot doing a task such as lifting heavy objects or a construction vehicle digging a foundation for a new building. Or you can select a picture of a robot in its standard shape, like Nintendo’s iconic robot character, Mario. 

If you want something that looks more decorative, find a pattern featuring gears and wheels, or a geometric design such as a honeycomb. You can use these images as part of a larger pattern, or if they are small enough, you can use them as wall decals.

8. Planes and stars

This space-themed design is perfect for boys who love aeroplanes, pilots and aviation, or who are interested in space and astronomy. Choose a black-and-white striped version for a more mature look and feel, or a colour variation for a bolder and livelier design. 

It features patterns and colours that remind us of the universe while bringing a little warmth and personality to his room. It’s subtle enough that it won’t overpower the furniture or other elements in the room, but it’s bright enough to make a statement.

9. Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes abound in the natural world, but they also make great wall decorations indoors. If you want to stick with geometric patterns, you can use a painted decal to create a mural on a wall or a complete accent wall. 

You can also create a geometric pattern using smaller shapes, with a combination that remains attractive and interesting. If you go with a small-scale pattern, select colours that blend with the room. Darker colours, such as red, purple, black and navy blue, work well, but stay away from bright neon shades.

10. Decals that look like paint

If you want to give your boy’s bedroom a colourful, but not overly girly, look, consider using decals that look like paint. These decorative elements come in a wide range of colours, so you can create a palette that matches the furniture, bedding and other elements in the room. 

Choose a design that matches your son’s interests or personality. If he loves sports, you can find decals featuring baseballs and basketballs, or a soccer ball, football or hockey puck. 

If he’s into music, find decals with guitars, drums or an electric guitar. If your son has a personality that isn’t easily labelled, find designs that evoke abstract concepts such as friendship and fun, peace and joy, or love and friendship.

11. Classic comics

This design is a good choice for boys who like superheroes, or who enjoy reading and writing stories. This design works well with branded posters, framed photos of sports heroes and team logos, or famous comic book characters. 

If your son loves superheroes and funny, offbeat characters, comic books make a great inspiration for his bedroom wallpaper designs. Find a scene that shows one or more of the main characters in action. A fight scene between two good guys and two bad guys is an exciting choice, with bright colours and dramatic lighting. 

You can also find a drawing that shows a funny interaction between a superhero and another character. If you want a less busy scene, look for a drawing that shows a single character delivering a punch line. If there is more than one panel, find the one that best suits your needs. 

f your son has an all-time favourite hero, you can use that character as the focal point of a larger pattern. You can also find an image that shows a group of characters, but with your son’s favourite in a prominent position.


The bottom line

Whether your son loves robots, sports or comic books, he’ll love the excitement and energy of a room decorated with his favourite things. And you’ll love the time it takes to transform a bland bedroom into a creative and fun space. 

Wallpaper is the perfect way to bring a new look to any room without a major renovation. As you’ve seen, there’s no shortage of ideas for a boy’s room. But with these 11 suggestions, you’re bound to find a design that will make your son’s room a fun and exciting place to be.


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