The ultimate guide to refinishing your caravan.


‍Is your static caravan a work in progress? Do you want to give it the wow factor and make it look like the glamorous, stylish home you always wanted it to be? If so, read on. After all, who doesn’t love looking at their home with pride after spending long hours of hard labour renovating it? 

Refurbishing a caravan is a great way to give your holiday abode that final bit of polish that will have everyone stopping and wondering how you ever got into such a grungy old thing as that! You’ll be surprised at the difference a bit of TLC can make, and refurbs are a great way of getting value out of something old. 

You might have a dingy, dated caravan that needs a little TLC to upgrade its appearance – or you may just want to freshen up its appearance for different reasons. Either way, refurbs are an affordable option that can help you do exactly that. And who knows, maybe once you’re finished with it you’ll find your next dream camper? 

Many of the upgrades you need to make to keep your vehicle looking newer and fresher are fairly simple. And the best part? Most of the cost will be covered by your renovation budget. 

In this post, we’ll discuss what kinds of upgrades you can do to give your caravan home a new life and whether it’s time for a refresh. From exterior decor to flooring and electrical wiring, these enhancements can bring freshness and vibrancy—and let guests know just how much thought you put into your space!


What is refurbishing?

Refurbishing is the process of repairing and upgrading a caravan to make it more durable and extend its lifespan. It could only be a cosmetic process, so you won’t be adding any extra features or extending its capability. And because it’s not an entirely new build, it’s also an affordable option for many people. 

There are a few different ways you can refurbish your caravan. Refinishing the exterior is the most obvious way to improve the exterior of your van. You can change its colour, add a fresh paint finish and bring it up to date with a new pattern. Refinishing the interior can be as simple or as extreme as you like. You can change the colour of the upholstery, add a new pattern or even replace the fittings and cabinets.


What do you need to refurbish a caravan?

You’ll need the right tools and a basic set of supplies to refurbish your caravan, depending on the type of refurbishment you’re doing. 

The exterior of your caravan is the first thing people see, so it’s worth spending as much time and effort as you can on this area. Some refurbs involve replacing the exterior sheets, so make sure you have the correct ones. 

Refurbs that involve sealing the roof require roof sealant. You’ll need screws and nails to fix the new panels and sheets to the van.

You can also change the colour of the insides of your van, so it looks fresh and new. And if you’re replacing the carpet, you’ll need new carpets and a professional carpet cleaner. Plus a new or repaired upholstery to make your interior more comfortable.

1. Repairing the damage and upgrading components

If your old caravan has a few small dings or scuffs you can easily fix them, or simply paint over them to give the caravan a freshly painted finish. (Although this won’t last forever, so be aware of how long you need it to last!) 

You can also use this opportunity to upgrade some of the components too, such as the roof, flooring and windows. For example, the roof is one of the most critical components in a van. Even a small issue here can ruin the whole van experience. It can also cause a lot of damage to soft furnishings, so it’s definitely worth spending the time on this. 

Try replacing your roofing, fixing the leaks and getting it professionally waxed to give it a new lease of life. New windows are an easy way to add a modern touch to your van.

2. Refinishing the exterior

If your van’s exterior looks tired and drab you can bring it back to life with just a few new paint colours and a fresh coat of paint. Or, if you’re looking for a specific look, you can change the colour, pattern and/or finish of your van’s exterior. The exterior of your van is its first impression, so make it stand out with a bold new colour or finish.

3. Caravan roof coating

When your caravan’s roof is looking a little dated, you may want to consider a roof coating. This is a special treatment applied to the roofing material that keeps it looking newer and more durable. 

There are many types of roof coating to choose from, and they come in two distinct types: acrylic and tar and gravel. Acrylic roof coatings are safe and long-lasting. They’re colourfast so they won’t wear off and they’re easy to maintain. But the one downside is that they have a short lifespan, typically lasting about 15 years. Tar and gravel roof coatings are more durable than acrylic roof coating, and they’re also a great insulator. But they tend to cost more than acrylic roof coatings, and they’re more difficult to maintain. Which coating you go for will depend on your budget and the needs of your caravan’s roof.

4. Caravan wall painting

If the walls in your caravan are looking a little boring, now is a great time to spruce them up. You could choose to paint the entire interior or just the walls. Either way, you’ll be adding a burst of colour and a fresh new look. 

When you’re picking the right colour, be sure to pay attention to lighting. The walls of your caravan could be the only place where they get significant light, so they need to be the right colour. 

And when picking a colour, be mindful of where you’ll be living when you’re not in the caravan. You don’t want to pick a colour that clashes with your home’s interior. 

Another way to spruce up the interior of your caravan is to use décor items to add warmth and character to your space. You could plan a chandelier or hanging wall art installation in your space.

5. Caravan blinds and faux wall covering

With the right blinds, your caravan windows could be made to look brand new. And if you want them to stand out from the rest of the windows in the neighbourhood, you could choose a faux wall covering. 

A blind for your caravan’s windows can come in a wide range of styles and fabrics, and they’re easy to install on your own. They’re also easy to take down and move if you want to relocate. 

Faux wall covering is a great way to make any wall look like a wall. There are many faux wall coverings to choose from and they’re easy to install yourself. They’re also easy to take down if you want to move your caravan from one place to another.

6. Caravan flooring

If the carpet in your caravan has been worn down to nothing, it’s time for a change. You could invest in a tile flooring solution and keep things looking fresh and new. 

Tile flooring is durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean. But it also tends to be expensive, so you’ll need to factor this into your budget. 

There are many different types of tile to choose from, and marble and granite are popular choices. You could choose a tile that’s uniform in size or a pattern that’s unique to your caravan. If your caravan has hardwood floors, it’s worth taking the time to clean and polish them. This will ensure that your new tile flooring doesn’t end up looking dingy.

7. Electrical upgrades for your static home

Whether your caravan’s electrical system needs an upgrade or you’re looking for ways to spruce up the interior, now is a great time. There are many inexpensive ways to make your home more comfortable and safer. 

Here are a few electrical upgrades you might want to consider doing. Change the batteries, new technology has made battery technology much more compact and powerful, so you won’t need to replace your old ones as often. Upgrade the power sockets that are safer and more convenient to use. Update your extension cord that is much less bulky and more energy efficient. Improve the lighting such as LED lights which are much more energy-efficient. You could also consider installing motion sensors to make your area safe.

8. Let’s talk hybrid power!

If you’re looking to truly spruce up your static caravan, you could consider a hybrid power upgrade. This is an innovation that can bring your static caravan into the 21st century. Hybrid power systems are one of the most technologically advanced ways to power your caravan. Hybrid power systems have advanced batteries that can store power when you’re plugged in and deliver it when you’re not. This makes for a much more reliable and efficient power supply, and it’s especially ideal for caravans. Hybrid power systems can also be connected to your internet-enabled appliances, giving you more control over your power consumption.

9. Remove the old and in-out furniture

If your caravan’s interior feels like a tired, old person’s dream, the first thing you want to do is take the furniture out. Refurnish it using only the highest quality materials. If your furniture is outdated and shabby, the entire interior of your caravan will feel like it too. When you refresh your interior with the right pieces, your home will look and feel more modern and stylish. This means you’ll be more likely to use it for special occasions instead of just weekends away.

10. Change up the accessories

Pull out the drawers and get rid of the accessories you don’t use. No one wants to see clothes in drawers that aren’t being worn, and accessories like decorative plates, lamps, wall hangings, and wall art all add to the bulk and weight of a caravan. It’s also very easy to lose track of things in the van! So get rid of them and use the space wisely. You can also stack your cutlery on a tray and store it in a drawer.

11. Install external bbq’s and cooking equipment

Whether you want a bbq for a family camping weekend or longer road trips, a caravan is a great way to go. You can find a model that has detachable bbq and cooking equipment. There are many bbq and cooking appliances available in the market. You can go for the one that meets your needs and that too at a reasonable price. 

12. Protecting your investment and providing ongoing care

Finally, you’ll want to protect your investment and give your refurbished van ongoing care, to ensure it lasts for longer. Many of the items you’ll need for a refurb are the same as for a new van build, including roof tiles, build sheets, screws, nails and sealant. If your van is old, there are also some extra precautions you’ll want to take, such as replacing the roof, protecting the floor and roof with a rubber roof or offering it regular TLC with a caravan wash.


The bottom line

Whatever your reasons for refurbishing your caravan, the benefits are clear, it’s a great way of getting value out of an old caravan, and it’s also a great way to protect your investment and prevent damage. And it can look great too, so you can really boost the appearance of your van. 

Refurbishing your caravan is not as difficult as you might think, and can reap big rewards. You can revamp your caravan to give it a fresh new look, get it ready for summer, or bring it into the 21st century with new technology. If you invest a little tender loving care into what you’ve got, it will pay off big time. Refurbishing is a great way to get the most value.