Having outdated home decor can be frustrating and leave a person feeling stuck in the past. Uninspired decor can often make a home feel dull and uninviting.

Fortunately, giving a home a fresh look doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. With simple tips, any home can be transformed from outdated to modern and inviting. From rearranging furniture to bringing in a statement piece, there are many ways to give a home a fresh look.

Read on for some tips to help start the journey to a more stylish home.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Rearranging furniture can provide a new look for a room, creating a new perspective. Instead of simply placing furniture in the same spot, try experimenting with different placements and angles.

If the room feels too cluttered, move some pieces to other areas of the home or donate them to charity. Conversely, if it feels too sparse, add some accent pieces to add character and charm to the area.

Be sure to consider the natural light in the room and use this to your advantage when deciding where to place furniture. A room can be transformed from dull and outdated to cosy and inviting by varying the furniture layout.

An old space can become a welcoming and stylish haven with a few creative rearrangements.

Add a Pop of Color

Adding a splash of vibrant colour is an easy way to instantly update a room’s appearance. Whether you paint the walls, add colourful fabrics, or incorporate bright accessories, adding colour can help make a room feel fresh and inviting.

A great way to start is by selecting a colour palette that reflects your personality and style. Consider colours that complement the existing decor and furniture, or identify a bold colour that will stand out.

Once you have chosen a few colours, consider incorporating them throughout the room. Paint an accent wall, add colourful pillows and rugs, or hang artwork in coordinating colours.

Adding a pop of colour to an otherwise dull room can instantly transform the look and feel of the space.

Update Your Window Treatments

Updating window treatments can drastically enhance the aesthetics of a room. Whether a modern, minimalist look with sheer curtains or a classic design with dramatic drapes, the right window treatments can instantly create an inviting atmosphere.

Here are four ways to add style to your space:

  1. Hang bold prints: For a fun, contemporary style, opt for a bright, eye-catching pattern or fabric with a unique texture.
  2. Choose a light-filtering fabric: To let natural light in while blocking out the sun’s harsh rays, select a lightweight material that offers a soft, diffused glow.
  3. Incorporate a valance: Introduce a touch of luxury with a decorative valance. This can add a touch of elegance to any room.
  4. Add a layer of privacy: Consider adding a sheer layer of fabric or a blind to the window treatments. This will provide a sense of security while still maintaining a bright and inviting atmosphere.

You can create a beautiful space that reflects your unique style with the right window treatments.

Freshen Up Your Floors

Revitalizing the floors of a home is an easy way to add a stylish, modern touch. Whether it be hardwood, tile, or carpet, there are several ways to give any interior space an updated feel.

Hardwood floors can be polished and waxed to a shine, while tiling can be replaced with a fresh pattern or colour. Carpeting can be replaced with a more updated style, or a blended area rug can be added to create a more dynamic look.

Installing a new set of laminate floors and adding unique vinyl flooring to make a room pop is also an option. Whichever route is chosen, updating the floors of a home will create an inviting and vibrant atmosphere.

Bring in Some Greenery

Incorporating greenery into a home’s interior design can bring life to any space. Adding a few plants to a room can make it appear more vibrant and inviting. Potted plants can soften hard edges, draw attention to a focal point, and serve as a conversation starter. Greenery can also add colour, texture, and dimension to a room. Houseplants come in various shapes, sizes, and colours, allowing for endless possibilities to be explored.

A few tips for bringing in greenery include considering the size of the space, the amount of sunlight it receives, and the type of plants that work best. Low-maintenance plants such as succulents, spider, or snake plants are an excellent option for busy households.

Additionally, carefully selecting the pot and plant placement can add to a room’s aesthetic. Finally, remember to water the plants regularly and provide adequate drainage to avoid root rot.

Hang Artwork and Mirrors

Hanging artwork and mirrors can be an effective way to add dimension and interest to any room. From small, delicate pieces to significant, bold statements, thoughtful placement of art pieces can transform a room from drab to fab.

You can create the perfect focal point by strategically placing pieces in different areas of the room. Mirrors can be used to reflect light and create a feeling of openness and space, while artwork can be used to express your style. You can create a unique, inviting atmosphere with a few well-chosen pieces.

No matter your style, art and mirrors can help bring a room to life and give it a fresh, modern look.

By carefully selecting the pieces that best reflect your style, you can create an inviting and full-of-life space. Whether you choose to go bold or subtle, you can be sure to make a statement and turn your home into a cosy, stylish retreat.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Upgrading lighting in a room can be an effective way to add more depth and visual interest. Incorporating a variety of light sources can create a distinctive atmosphere that will make a lasting impression.

Task lighting can be used to highlight specific areas or objects, while accent lighting can be used to draw attention to artwork or architectural features.

Ambient lighting can be used to set the mood of the room, and dramatic lighting can be used to create a sense of drama.

By carefully selecting lighting fixtures, you can achieve a unique and inviting look that will make your home feel new.

Refresh Your Walls

Transforming the walls of a room can add a unique dimension to the overall design. An effective way to achieve this transformation is to repaint them.

With a new colour, texture, or pattern, the walls can be the perfect backdrop for a room.

Wallpaper is another way to add dimension and style to a wall. With so many types of wallpaper available, it is easy to find a pattern, colour, or texture that suits the desired aesthetic.

Removable wall decals are a great option for those not wanting to commit to wallpaper. These are perfect for renters or those wishing to add a personal touch without the permanence of paint or wallpaper.

Adding texture to the walls is another great way to enhance the overall look. Using textured paint, wall tiles, or even fabric gives a room a completely new look.

With creativity, the walls can genuinely become a work of art.

Add Accent Pillows

Adding accent pillows to a room can provide an additional layer of texture and depth. Combining different shapes, sizes, colours, and fabrics can bring life and character to any space. Pillows can be used to play with colour palettes, introduce patterns, and add texture.

Choose a few pillows with bold, geometric designs for a more modern look. For a more classic style, stick with simple, solid-coloured pillows in a variety of sizes. Placing accent pillows in unexpected places, such as the floor, can also make a statement.

With a few simple additions, accent pillows can give any room a fresh look.

Get Creative with Accessories

Incorporating creative accessories can provide a unique, dynamic element to any space. Whether you prefer a more modern look or something a bit more vintage, accessories can help you achieve the look you want.

Here are some ways to add a creative touch to your home:

  1. Hang fun artwork to give a room personality and character.
  2. Utilize wall shelves to highlight your favourite items.
  3. Incorporate interesting lighting fixtures to make a statement.

Adding creative accessories to your home is an easy and affordable way to breathe new life into any room. It can take a tired, outdated space and give it a new look and feel. Plus, you can experiment with different styles, colours, and patterns to find the perfect look for your home. With creative accessories, you can make your home truly unique and reflective of your personality.

Accessorize with Books

Including books in a home’s decor provides an inviting atmosphere and adds a unique touch. Books can be used to combine elements of a room while adding a touch of whimsy and sophistication.

Books with colourful spines can be arranged on shelves to create a vibrant focal point, while vintage and antique books can lend a timeless character to a space.

Books also make great conversation starters and can be used to reflect the homeowner’s interests. Additionally, books can be used unexpectedly, such as arranged in a pattern to create a unique wall art piece.

Overall, books are versatile and attractive accessories for any home and can bring new life to outdated decor.

Bring in a Statement Piece

Adding a statement piece to your home decor is a great way to update a room’s look and feel instantly. As with all home decor, choosing a piece that speaks to your style and personality is best. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect statement piece for your home:

  1. Think outside the box. Shop at antique stores or flea markets to find pieces that will add a unique element to your decor.
  2. Look for pieces that evoke emotion. Choose something that speaks to you and makes you feel excited and inspired every time you walk into the room.
  3. Consider the size. A statement piece should be the room’s focal point, so make sure it is a manageable size for the space.
  4. Pay attention to the details. Choose a piece that stands out for its craftsmanship or materials. This will ensure that your statement piece is truly one of a kind.

Change Your Hardware

Replacing existing hardware on furniture and fixtures can be an effective way to update a home’s aesthetic. Whether it is the door knobs, drawer pulls, or hinges, swapping out the existing hardware for something new and modern can make a significant difference.

For example, replacing brass door knobs with a sleek chrome finish can instantly bring the look of a room from dated to modern. Opting for a unique shape or unusual pattern on your drawer pulls can add a decorative touch of sophistication to any room.

When updating hardware, measure the existing size and select a compatible replacement. Making a simple change to the existing hardware can go a long way in creating an entirely new look.

So, feel free to swap out the old and bring in the new.

Try New Window Coverings

Window coverings can be an important factor in updating the overall aesthetic of a space. They can instantly add a touch of colour, lend a feeling of cosiness or make a bold statement.

Consider the following options for window coverings to give your home a fresh new look:

  • Roman shades – classic and versatile, with endless fabric and colour options to choose from
  • Roller shades – sleek and modern, with sheer, blackout, or light filtering options
  • Drapery panels – timeless, with endless possibilities for colours, patterns, and textures.

No matter which type of window covering you choose, adding them to your space can help make it feel up-to-date and stylish.

Play with Textures

Incorporating different textures can be an effective way to create a visually appealing atmosphere. By adding a variety of textures to the room, you can create a diverse, inviting space that will make a significant impact.

Incorporating a mix of fabrics, such as velvet, cotton, and linen, can add depth and dimension to the room. Natural materials like wood, stone, and clay can also create a unique and inviting atmosphere.

Using different textures in the same colour family can also blend the room’s aesthetic and create a unified look. Incorporating textures in furniture, rugs, and artwork can also create a more exciting and unique atmosphere.

Playing with textures can create a comfortable and inviting home that will make a lasting impression.


Giving your home a fresh new look does not have to be a difficult task. By rearranging furniture, adding pops of colour, updating window treatments, freshening up floors, bringing in greenery, adding statement pieces, changing hardware, and trying new window coverings, you can easily give any room a much-needed update.

With these tips, you can create an inviting, warm, and stylish space. From bold, inspiring colours to interesting textures and unique decor, you can create a space that reflects your style and personality.