A single visit to Scotland will probably be enough to convince you of what a stirring and magical travel destination it is, with its rich history, majestic landscapes, and unique attractions. However, there is more to the country than meets the eye; plumb the depths of the Scottish landscape.

You may discover hidden gems that even the most thorough guidebooks don’t mention – including these five remarkable destinations.

Little Sparta

Travellers with a mutual fondness for poetry and stunning gardens are sure to relish a trip to Little Sparta – a garden that is also a poem. Set against the lush green undulations of the Pentland Hills, this garden is the brainchild of Ian Hamilton Finlay and his wife Sue and consists of a jumble of 275 fascinating temples, sculptures and figures – each of which has a deeper meaning behind them. This stunning meditation on art, poetry, and the natural world are sure to leave you feeling refreshed and inspired – if, at times, a little puzzled.

St Peter’s Seminary

St Peter’s Seminary

Some buildings can be awe-inspiring even in a state of advanced dereliction. St Peter’s Seminary is undeniably one of them, with its haunting brutalist architecture – and its aura of ghostly decay. Once you’ve paid this abandoned seminary a visit, you will understand why it has been dubbed a ‘building of world significance’. Described as “an albatross” around the neck of the Catholic Church, this overgrown behemoth slumbers mostly undisturbed in the woods near Cardross. However, it is hoped that a viable future can be found for it as a unique world heritage centre that could prove to be a real asset for the local community.

Kilmartin Glen

Giving you an opportunity to step back in time and touch the face of history is Kilmartin Glen, a picturesque destination in Argyll that boasts Half Moon Wood – a series of neolithic stones which date back thousands of years. In this peaceful spot, you can sit quietly, breathe in the achingly fresh air, admire the stones, and reflect on the various tumultuous events that have taken place in Scotland’s history and shaped it into the remarkable land it is today. If you’re considering moving to Scotland and exploring more of its ancient heritage, check out this helpful guide for removals in Scotland that will teach you everything you need to know about relocating to this unique country.

Corryvreckan Whirlpool

If you love getting up close and personal to sights that reveal the awesome power of Mother Nature, then you won’t want to miss a trip to the Gulf of Corryvreckan, located between the isles of Scarba and Jura. Here you can encounter the jaw-dropping whirlpool that, in folklore, is said to be caused by a witch, who uses the swirling waves as a handkerchief – during which time it is considered fatal to approach her.

As you prepare to visit Scotland, keep some of these hidden gems in mind. They could all be the highlight of your trip, and you will be glad to have visited.