A few years ago, curtains were used more for privacy purposes, but today’s designs are much easier on the eye and offer several other benefits including keeping out the sun (and heat), adding visual interest, blocking out noise from noisy neighbours, and protecting furniture and flooring from dirt and spills. There are many different types of curtains that you can choose from, ranging from traditional and floral prints to modern and contemporary styles. It is important to understand what style works best with your interior design scheme before choosing your curtains.

Living room curtains are a great way to add some character to your home without spending too much money. With so many options available, you can find something that perfectly suits the style of your home. If you want to create a dramatic focal point for your living space, then consider using bold-coloured or patterned fabrics for decorative window treatments. You could even use fabric-covered poles to hang them over your existing curtains if you don’t have any spare rods to hand.

If you’re thinking about curtains for your lounge space, then you may be wondering whether this is something you should do yourself or leave it to the expertise of your interior designer. 

You can buy ready-made curtains for a timeless window dressing solution from a variety of stores, but they will cost more than DIY options. You’ll also need to fit them into your windows, which means measuring each window individually. If you’ve never done any fitting before, it could get quite tricky!


Living room curtain ideas

Add drama, texture, and colour with curtains. Living room curtains with patterned curtains designs can make a classic-looking room appear modern. Alternatively, if the room’s other furnishings have a prominent pattern, a simple curtain will provide a calming effect.

The living room curtain ideas presented here are sure to give you some inspiration if you’re stuck on what to choose. No matter if you want a bold style or a relaxed and versatile look, here are 15 easy ways to maximize your window treatments. 

1. Soft neutrals blend in with the walls

Choose a similar or matching shade for the wall and curtain fabrics. This will help them blend better. Opting for a neutral colour scheme will create a sense of calm and serenity in any space.

Soft shades like cream, white, off-white and pale grey are perfect for smaller rooms. They won’t compete with other furniture items and will allow the room to feel bigger.

2. Add contrast to the wall colour

Contrasting colours will give your space a sense of drama and excitement.

When choosing a fabric for your curtains, think about the colour palette of the rest of your home. A neutral background makes your room look bigger and brighter.

3. Sheers provide softness

A sheer curtain helps soften the harsh glare of an open window. Sheer curtains allow sunlight to enter without feeling too bright or overwhelming. Lightweight fabric allows air to circulate freely.

4. Go formal with pelmets

Pelmets are useful additions to any living room decor, especially if you want to keep things simple. A pelmet should complement your existing window treatments, rather than compete with them.

Choose a style with a sleek finish to avoid clashing with other elements in your home.

5. Keep the theme going on the curtains

Your curtains should reflect your home décor – if you want to keep things consistent, stick to the same shades and patterns.

A good way to introduce new fabrics into your interior is through window treatments. They can add texture, depth and interest to any space.

When choosing fabric for your curtains, think about what you like to wear and how you live. For example, if you tend to wear lots of black, choose a darker shade of black. Or if you prefer bright colours, go for something bolder.

6. Elegant curtains and blinds go well together

Choose curtains and blinds that complement each other. A combination of curtains and blinds will give a cohesive feel to the room.

Don’t mix different styles or materials stick to one style throughout the house.

7. Choose the right fabric

Choose the right fabric for your window treatments. Know which type of fabric will suit your home decor. A good rule of thumb is to choose materials that complement each other.

Make sure you choose the correct fabric weight for your space too. Heavy material will keep heat inside during the winter months.

8. Use patterns to your advantage

Go big with your curtains’ prints. Largescale designs will transform any window into an eye-catcher. It will give a sense of proportion to a smaller room.

Roman blinds are a great way to add patterns to any scheme. They are an easy DIY project and come in many different styles.

Also, a band of plain fabric around each edge will pick up a dominant shade that appears elsewhere in the room to create a unified look.

9. Enhance narrow windows’ visual appeal

Curtain poles should be wide enough to extend beyond the window frame. Fixing poles slightly above the frame makes windows look taller too. 

Taller windows require taller curtain rods for the floor-length curtains to achieve the same effect.

A good way to increase the size of a window without making it seem too large is to hang a curtain rod over two sides of the window.

10. Bring out the beauty of a bay window

A beautiful view is just waiting outside your home or office – why don’t you take advantage of it? Bay windows are often overlooked but can add real value to any home. They provide lots of natural light and offer great views, but they can be tricky to decorate.

When choosing a window treatment, opt for something simple yet stylish that will complement any decor. A combination of curtains and blinds makes a perfect fit.

11. Make your choice from plain fabrics

Choose a plain fabric if you want to keep things simple. A lighter shade of linen creates a brighter look while a heavier weight of linen creates a darker room.

When choosing curtains, consider how much light you want to allow into your room. Bold patterns tend to date more rapidly. Textured weaves and damasks offer an alternative to bolder prints.

12. Put a bright pattern on display

Bright patterns look great in any room. They will draw attention to a room’s decor.  Use a bright pattern to create a striking design feature.

Create a sense of space in a small living room by layering different scale patterns. Use complementary colours to enhance the feeling of space

13. Save energy by adding a thermal lining

Curtains are often overlooked as a solution to heating problems, but they can be a very effective way to keep your house warm during winter.

Thermal linings are ideal for adding warmth to any window, while still allowing natural light through. A thick layer of the thermal lining can lessen £100 to your annual heating bill.

The thermal lining will help keep your home warmer during the winter months. It reduces heat loss through windows by as much as 20%.

You can buy thermal curtain linings online.

14. To make your curtain look pretty, choose one with a trim

Trimmed curtains give a finished look and can be a great addition to any room. They will certainly enhance a room’s style and feel

A simple trimming can transform an old curtain into something new and fresh.

15. Tie back curtains around a window seat

A window seat adds character and charm to any home. It is an easy way to add extra seating and storage. You may use tied-back curtains for your window seat.

Tiebacks are ideal for creating a cosy reading nook or a private study area. Extend the curtain pole past the window frame to create an open airy feel. Curtain poles should extend beyond the window frame to allow for maximum sunlight.