Women deserve better healthcare outcomes. While women have an average life expectancy greater than men, they also spend a larger portion of their lives ill or infirm and receiving professional healthcare. Despite these increased needs, healthcare in the UK often has a male focus, creating a National Healthcare Service that underserves the female population. By taking the initiative and empowering themselves by taking control of their healthcare, women can create better healthcare outcomes and enjoy longer, happier, and healthier lives.

Prioritize Your Health

The most important step women can take towards better health, wellness, and better healthcare outcomes is to prioritize their health. Too many women will put other things in front of their health, such as work. Women need to take better care of themselves and set an example for young women in their community by taking control of their healthcare and making it a priority in their lives.

Assessing your health is a good start. Self-assessment is helpful and is an important part of preventative care, but a professional female health assessment can give women greater peace of mind. Echelon Health can perform The Cullinan Assessment which is designed to assess female health and is dedicated to assessing female health concerns. Take a look at Echelon Health’s female health assessment package. This is a great start to prioritizing your healthcare and getting a complete and detailed health checkup.

Schedule Your Health

Every adult should have regular health checkups. For women, there are a greater number of tests and screenings to schedule to protect their health and prevent illnesses and diseases. Mammograms, smear tests, cholesterol tests, and blood pressure screenings are all important parts of healthcare and should be scheduled at appropriate intervals, especially as we get older.

Be aware of your healthcare appointments and make sure you do not miss them. Make them a part of your schedule, and look ahead to upcoming appointments that may be a year or more in the future. Smear tests and mammograms should be planned, and you should know the intervals between them. These two tests alone save thousands of lives every year. Take control of your health care and work with your GP to ensure you are getting the preventative care you are entitled to.

Balance Diet, Exercise, And Rest

The best way to get better health and improve healthcare outcomes is through nutrition and exercise. Excess weight can magnify the negative effects of a number of illnesses and be an underlying cause of a number of common health problems like diabetes and coronary heart disease. By reducing your weight through a sensible diet and regular exercise you are protecting your health and well-being.

Rest and relaxation are also important parts of healthcare and wellness. Stress and exhaustion make us more vulnerable to infection and chronic disease. Making time for rest and sleep is crucial for health and wellbeing and for improving healthcare outcomes if you become ill or injured. Invest in your rest, and make your bedroom a sanctuary for sleep and peace.

Women have an opportunity to take control of their healthcare and drive the National Health Service and medical professionals to provide a high quality of service for women. This will lead to better healthcare outcomes for women across the UK and change the way female health is administered in the future.