Make your bedroom a terracotta I’ll-love-it!


Everyone is trying something new and you might not know what you like until you see what others are doing. The good news is that there are still plenty of timeless classics that everyone should have in their home. 

If you’re looking for bedroom ideas that will inspire you, then try having a terracotta bedroom! Terracotta isn’t just for decoration. It can also be used to add a unique and contemporary flair to your bedroom. 

Terracotta is a beautiful material that has the natural appearance of clay. It’s also a very durable one and it can be found in various hues, making it perfect for giving your home a natural but attractive look. 

Terracotta bedrooms are especially lovely if they have an earthy colour scheme. They can also be created in any layout you want, from small nooks to spacious double rooms. 

A terracotta bedroom is a transitional space perfect for those planning on redecorating their bedrooms. It embodies the latest trends in interior design and creates an atmosphere that is both calming and edgy at the same time. 

Read on to know more about Terracotta Bedroom Ideas: How To Make Your Bedroom A Terracotta I’ll-Love-It


1. Decorate with terracotta tiles

You can decorate your bedroom with terracotta tiles to create a warm and cosy feel. 

You can also use tiles as wall decorations. Add a wall hanging made of fabric or add a wooden sign to your wall. You can also hang lanterns on your walls to create a more romantic feel. 

If you have extra tiles lying around, you can also use them to create patterns on your floor. You can also place a wooden stool or a table on your tiles to create a more cosy feel. 

You can make simple patterns on your tiles or you can create a mosaic pattern by combining different tiles of different colours. You can also create a free-flow pattern on your tiles by alternating tiles of the same colour and different colours.

2. Use furniture that complements

When decorating your bedroom with terracotta tiles, it is important to use furniture that complements the tiles. 

You can use a dark green coloured bed, a chest made of dark wood with a wooden tray, and a wooden flooring or rug. A wooden table and a wooden bedside table in a terracotta colour will also create an appealing feel. 

Adding a wooden dresser or shelves in a similar colour will further enhance the decor in your bedroom. If you want your bedroom to look appealing, you might use a painting or a photograph that is in the same shade as your bedroom tiles.

3. Add a terracotta-coloured bed

If you want to add an extra element of warmth to your bedroom, you can add a bed in a terracotta colour. A wooden rail bed can further enhance the look of your bedroom.

Besides a wooden headboard, you can also add a wooden chest under your bed to create a more appealing look in your bedroom. If you wish to further add to your bedroom’s appeal, you can use a bedsheet in the same colour.

4. Make the terracotta wall

Wallpapers come and go, but a terracotta-coloured wall will always appeal to the eye. You can also paint your wall with a terracotta coloured wall with an appealing pattern. 

To create an appealing look for your wall, you can also include a mirror in a similar shade. Adding a throw rug in a similar colour will further enhance the appeal of your wall. 

Terracotta walls can be created using palettes. The colours red and yellow can also be used to create an inviting wall. Additionally, you can choose a lighter shade of green to give the design a softer appearance.

5. Terracotta wall art gallery

If you and your partner are both art enthusiasts, why not incorporate some wall art into your bedroom decor? A gallery wall is a great way to display all of your favourite pieces together and make the most of the room.

A gallery wall can be a stunning focal point in any room, but it is especially great for bedrooms. This is a great way to bring art and artistry into your bedroom and inspire a passion in your partner for something beyond themselves. 

You can also use wall shelves as a way to rest posters on the wall instead of tacking them up. You can also combine a gallery wall with a seating wall to create a gallery wall seating arrangement. 

Customize your gallery wall by adding a few decorative pieces to liven up the space. You can also use a terra cotta coloured headboard to give your bedroom a Mediterranean feel.

6. Add some natural light

Natural light is essential to creating a bright and airy atmosphere in your bedroom. If you are building a terracotta bedroom, you can help make the room feel larger by adding windows. 

Adding a skylight or ventilator will help you create a sense of space. Natural lighting is also great for making your bedroom feel less like a dedicated room and more like a part of the rest of your home. 

Natural lighting can also be used to help brighten up darker terracotta walls. You can place a group of candles, a floor lamp and/or lamps on your bedside table to create a soft and welcoming atmosphere when you wake up in the morning.

7. Finish with natural furnishings

Natural fabrics and materials can help create a more relaxed atmosphere in your terracotta room. They can also help blend in with your terracotta finishes while adding a more natural feel to your room. 

When fitting out your terracotta room, choose furnishings that are primarily made from natural materials, such as wood, cork, cane or rattan. These materials can help create a more relaxed and calming atmosphere in your room. 

If you want to create a cosy and intimate atmosphere, using primarily natural materials and fabrics can help. While it’s important to select items that blend in with your terracotta room, it’s also important to choose items that add to the ambience of your terracotta bedroom. 

A classic wooden nightstand can help add a classic feel to your terracotta bedroom. Natural stone or ceramic accessories, such as an altar or a shelf, can also add a more exotic feel to your terracotta bedroom.


Final thoughts

Terracotta can be a beautiful and durable material and it can be found in various hues, making it perfect for giving your home a natural but attractive look. Choose the right layout for your terracotta bedroom, the right natural lighting and natural furnishings, and your room can be as beautiful as any other. With the right design, a terracotta bedroom can be a lovely and calming space.