15 Unique Wall Paint Ideas You’ll Love

Walls are important, not just for their utility as structural support, but also for the way they affect the overall atmosphere of a home. The right wall paint can give your space a makeover, improving its coolness factor and making it feel more like an extension of your tropical isolation tank than a drab canvas for stifling indoor living.

A wall is only as good as its paint, so the quality of paints you use on your walls should be no less than that of your doors and windows. 

You can update any wall with a simple paint variation. It doesn’t matter if you’re painting the trim or repainting an entire room—a little paint savvy can turn almost anything into something new and exciting. The beauty of it is, that you don’t need to be an accomplished painter to participate in these Improvements with Wall Paint Ideas. 

If you’re looking to spruce up the look of an existing wall or create a brand-new one with some creative flair, keep reading to discover our top picks for the best wall paint ideas! All it takes is a few simple supplies, a little bit of patience, and some wall paint that works for you. Here are 25+ unique wall paint ideas that will have your friends (and neighbours) talking – and wanting to host a house party at your home soon!


1. Go for a scheme and splashes of primary colours

The splashes of primary colours are meant to make the walls lively while adding a lot of texture and colour at the same time. There are many different schemes you can use with primary colours, and depending on the style of your room, you may want to play with the saturation of the colours to give your walls a more modern feel or go for a more classic look with less saturation. Choose a scheme that has a lower saturation so that it doesn’t look too cluttered on the walls, but still has some colour.

2. Go for a retro look

If you’re looking for a retro touch to your home, then a mix of pastels, blues, and golds is the way to go. The right combination of bright and dark will create an air of nostalgia, making your living space feel more like an old photo rather than a modern home. 

If you want your living room to feel a little less like a work of art, consider painting it a light colour so that it appears a little more worn and tattered. If you don’t want to go full-on retro, there are still several ways to go with this idea. You can choose a simple colour scheme, such as white walls with a light blue or red sofa. If you want something a little more artistic, consider painting the walls a bright yellow or orange.

3. Add a splash of life to your decor with spring wall paint

The bright, bold colours of spring are perfect for painting walls. Spring is also the time to paint your walls. You can use pastels for light colours and bright greens for spring colours. 

If you’re not a great painter, don’t worry. Spring wall paint is easy to make and will give your walls a fresh, new look. If you want to get creative, you can paint flowers, tulips, and other bright blooms along with it. This will give your walls a blooming look that is both colourful and festive.

4. Keep the holiday spirit alive with green

Green is the most popular spring wall paint colour, and it’s a good choice because it represents nature. There are countless uses for the green in home decor, from adding a pop of colour to a room to using it as the base colour for colour schemes.

Another great use for the green in spring is in outdoor garden walls. If you’re thinking about painting your outdoor walls, now is the time. Spring is the perfect time to plant, tend to outdoor gardens, and make all your spring tableaus, so you have a reason to keep your outdoor walls painted green.

5. Find the monochrome charm

If you want a calming effect on your home, then dark colours work best. This is why dark blue walls with white accents are a popular choice in modern living rooms. 

If you want to go full-on monochrome, though, consider painting the walls a specific colour that is used very little, such as dark grey or black. 

6. Pastels for a more warmth feeling

If you’re looking for a more soothing colour scheme for a cold room, we recommend using pastels in place of brighter colours like red, yellow, and blue. You can easily achieve an airy, more Mediterranean feel with the right combination of pastel colours. 

If you’re unsure about how to go about choosing the right shades of pastels for your room, just remember that they are usually a little more delicate than the more bold colours. Choose pastels with a soft, warm feel that makes you feel cosy and relaxed. If you’re feeling daring, you can also try painting the walls a soft yellow to bring out the sun’s golden warmth.

7. Bright colours for a bright room

Bright colours are a great choice for your indoor walls, provided they’re not too bright for your eyes. While red, orange, yellow and green are the most popular colours for wall painting, other colours in the rainbow can work wonders too: blue, indigo, purple, orange and even the rich red of a sunset can create a truly beautiful indoor wall. 

It’s important to choose a colour scheme that works well with the overall feel of your home—whether that’s warmth, lightness, or somewhere in between. If one wall is bright and sunny, you shouldn’t paint the other walls in an over-the-top scheme to get the room back to a brighter colour. Instead, you should choose colours that balance each other out, so that one wall isn’t too bright and intimidating.

8. Neutral paint 

If you’re looking for a neutral wall paint that goes well with virtually any decor, we recommend trying out the neutral paint options. These paints are formulated to go well with virtually any room in your house. 

Neutral paints are the best choice in all but the coldest of climate zones, as they won’t change the colour of your walls and can be used in areas that rarely see cold weather. While white may be the most widely used colour in the world, there are plenty of other options out there to create a truly unique look for your walls.

If soft neutrals are more your thing, check out the perfect shades of light brown, white, and cream. If you want your neutral paint to look more contemporary, opt for off-white or beige instead. These neutral colours are going to blend in well with most decor and won’t look out of place in any room.

9. Add some texture with cool hues of blue

One of the best ways to add texture to your walls is to use blues and blues-adjacent colours. If you want your walls to feel like they are teeming with life and energy, you should choose colours that are rich in both pigment and hue. To achieve this effect, try using light blue, dark blue, fuchsia, and robin’s egg blue. 

If you want your walls to feel more like a canvas, choose colours that have a bit of a yellow undertone to help create that “painted on canvas” effect. Examples of these would be light yellow, light orange, and light red. 

10. Try out different types of paint for different effects

One of the best ways to add personality and character to a room is to use a variety of paints in tandem. By pairing colours that you wouldn’t normally use together, you get a whole new visual impact that can be striking and unexpected. To give one example, you could try pairing bright orange and yellow in the same room. This is particularly effective when you want to brighten a room up without overpowering the other colours. 

Another idea is to use dark colours against light colours to create a more powerful contrast. For example, the dark colours black, grey, and blue could be used against a light colour like white to create an interesting visual effect. These types of colour combinations can also be used to create effects that are more “mood boards”-style—that is, they can be used to create a mood without using words.

11. Eggplant blue and white paint

If you need wall paint that is a little more dramatic, try painting the walls a bright eggplant, orange, or red. You can also go for a more earthy green, such as the colour that comes standard on most painting equipment, or you can even try painting the walls a dark blue to create a more solemn, elegant look. 

If you want your walls to look more like a canvas, rather than a piece of canvas, we recommend using a paint that is slightly thicker than the average pour. This way, the paint will stick to the canvas better and give your walls a more lush, saturated look. If you want your walls to look more like a canvas, but don’t want thicker paint, you can opt for more water-based paint. These paints have the flexibility to change their consistency as needed to suit the needs of the wall.

12. Must-have red wall paint 

If you’re looking for a bolder look that’s more indicative of your personality, try out the red paint, also known as the “fire engine red” or “danger red”. While not everyone loves the bolder colours that come with it, we think it works best when applied to a wall. 

You’re likely to be drawn to this colour if you’re a big sports fan, as it’s often used for sports buildings. If you’re a board game player, you should know that red is the official paint colour of Monopoly! This is perfect for your walls as it gives your space a well-deserved exclamation point!

13. Create a contrasting colour wall

If you want to make an otherwise neutral room stand out, try painting the walls a contrasting colour. This will help create a more vibrant, warm atmosphere in the room and give it personality. If you have a space that is pretty much colour-free, go for a warm-toned colour that contrasts well with the room. A nice neutral colour like brown or white works well because it won’t over-power the colour scheme of the room. If you have bright colours in your room, contrasting colours will prevent the space from feeling too cold and blank.

14. Textures to go along with your paint selection

If you want your indoor walls to feel more like a room, not just a backdrop, try adding some textures to go along with your wall paint. Wood panelling, stone or brick veneers, and even carpets can help give your walls a more dimensional feel which can make them appear more like a room. You can pair your wall textures with almost any colour scheme as they go well together well and have a calming effect on the room. Try using textures on your bedroom wall to help calm the atmosphere in your bedroom and create a more cosy atmosphere.

15. Show off your artwork with painting skills

If you’ve got a design or painting idea in mind, why not try using some stencils to stamp your design on your wall. You can find a huge range of designs and patterns to choose from, so there’s sure to be a stencil that you’ll love. You can use these stencils to create images, large pictures, and more. If you want something a little more personalized, you can also try using your photos and printing them on canvas. You can either frame the image or frame it on canvas and add another picture over it for another unique look.


Are you ready to paint your walls?

The best wall paint ideas are those that improve your space and enhance the atmosphere inside it. Whether it’s creating a tropical look with pastels, bright colours or adding some texture to your walls, the right wall paint can do wonders for your home.

The process of painting walls can be fun, challenging, and even challenging for your sanity. It’s also one of the most rewarding and creative things you can do with your home. With these wall paint ideas, you’ll be ready to tackle the job with confidence and creativity.


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