Are you looking for pink bedroom ideas? Does your little girl have a big obsession with the colour pink? Or maybe pink is just her favourite colour. Either way, there is no reason not to indulge her. Thanks to the internet, you can find all kinds of home decor for your child, including pink bedroom ideas for toddlers! 

This is the right moment to give her a cute and cosy bedroom. Let’s get inspired by these 15 pink bedroom ideas and see how you can create an enchanting place for your toddler girl.

A sweet and vibrant space will help your child relax and feel good about herself when she spends time at home. It will also be a great way to further increase her love for this beautiful hue. Keep reading for some great tips on how to achieve the perfect pink bedroom ideas to make your daughter happy!

1. Paint the walls pink

This is the most obvious choice. This will be the focal point of your child’s room, so why not make it pink? You can use pink wall paint, or if you want an even bolder look, try pink wallpaper. Not only will this create an awesome look, but it will also make the room warmer in the winter. If your little girl is into unicorns, mermaids, or even Hello Kitty, there are plenty of pink paint and wallpaper options available.

2. Mix and match with different shades of pink and white

Since pink is a very popular colour and is loved by many girls, you can go for a combination of pink and white. This will help make your child’s room look more vibrant and cheerful. You can use these colours for the walls, bedding, curtains or even furniture. You can also add some pops of these colours in the form of pillows, pictures or wall art. If you want to go a bit bold, you can even use pink and white for the floor as well. This can help make the room look bigger and make the space feel more lively and cheerful.

3. Add a storage bench with cushions

If your little one loves to play dress up, or even just likes to collect toys, a storage bench is a great option. Not only does it provide ample space for toys, but it can also be used as a seat in a pinch. This can be a great spot to put her costumes and costume accessories. And, if you want to go all out, you can even get a cushion to put on the bench. Many of these benches will come in white, so they are a good option if you want to keep the walls pink.

4. Use decorative pillows and covers

Decorative pillows are always a fun option for your child’s bed, especially if you want to keep the walls pink. There are plenty of cute pink pillow options available, including some with unicorns and mermaids on them. More than just pillows, you can also try to find cute decorative covers for your child’s bed. There are plenty of options that are meant to look like mermaid tails, unicorn tails and more. Pretty much anything you can think of, you can probably find.

5. Add a mirror with decorated frames

If your little one has a special interest and loves to read, a framed picture of her favourite book characters is a great idea. You can even get a picture of her and her friends if she likes to have special pictures on her wall. 

Mirrors are always a good idea for a child’s room, and a framed one is a great way to decorate and reflect light. You can also find framed mirrors with words on them, a great idea if your child loves to read.

6. Add some colour to her closet as well!

Your daughter might have a specific colour in mind but you can always add some colour to her closet as well. Store her clothes in baskets or drawers with a colour theme. Create a colourful closet and you will help your child learn what goes with what and make it easier for her to get dressed in the morning. 

You can also personalise her closet by adding cute stickers, decals or wallpapers. This will help her stand out among her friends and make her feel special. You can also add a chalkboard decal or wallpaper to make it easy for her to jot down any appointments or reminders.

7. Add platform beds with trimmed blankets and sheets

If your little girl loves princesses, unicorns, mermaids or anything else, there are plenty of themed bed sets available. You can find adorable themed sheet sets, comforters and even pillow cases. If you want to go all out, you can even get matching curtains. This will make a dramatic statement that is perfect for a little girl who loves to play dress-up.

8. Don’t forget the fairy lights!

This is an awesome addition to any child’s room, not just pink bedroom ideas for toddlers. If you have a darker corner of the room or even a bookshelf, you can hang fairy lights to create a romantic vibe. This is a great idea for an older child that wants some privacy while she reads or even just loves to relax in her room. You can also hang them along the edge of the ceiling or along the wall as well.

9. Make her own wall art

This is a good option if your child is a bit younger but still likes pink bedroom ideas for toddlers. If she has an interest in art, try to find supplies for her to paint her own wall art. This is a great way for her to express herself and make a personal statement in her room. This can be a great idea for younger kids who are just beginning to understand how to make art.

10. Pink bookshelves are a must

If your little girl loves reading and books, she will love having her own bookshelves. This is a good option if you want to keep the walls pink and are looking for ways to display her books. You can buy pink bookshelves, or paint them yourself if you want a more custom look. This is a great way to create storage in a child’s room without making it look too cluttered.

11. Comfy bedding is a must-have

Not only is this a great way to make her bed look amazing, but it will also be comfortable and easy to clean. This is a good option if your child likes to play dress-up or likes to read in bed. It will also give her room a more grown-up vibe, which is a great choice if your child is a bit older. You can get standard-sized comforters, or even king-sized ones if her bed is bigger.

12. A fluffy rug that will be comfy and cosy

If you have wooden floors, then you can go for plush carpets in bright and vibrant colours. Opt for rugs that are washable since kids are messy and will spill something on them. 

A colourful or patterned rug can make the room look cosier and add to the décor. It will also be a great place for your child to play with her toys or for you to sit with her and read stories together. 

A rug will also protect the floor from stains, and scratches and prevent the floor from getting too cold during the winter. You can even go for rugs with images of your child’s favourite cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse.

13. Go for light and airy curtains in shimmering colours

You can go for lightweight curtains in shimmering colours, especially if your curtains are open all day long. You can even go for blinds or sheers if you want to let in some light. 

A light and airy curtain will help make your child’s room feel more open and spacious. It will make the room look clean and inviting. You can also go for sheer curtains that let in light but prevent people from looking inside. 

If you can, try to find curtains or drapes that are adorned with images of your child’s favourite characters. This will help make the room more exciting and colourful. You can also consider using a blackout curtain if your child has trouble sleeping due to sunlight.

14. Wall decor and accessories

Wall decor is another way to bring colour and vibrancy to your child’s room. You can choose from a variety of wall art like stickers, murals, decals or even framed pictures. You can also use clocks or plants. 

You can go for wall decals of your child’s favourite cartoon character or even use a large colourful mural. You can also use a large painting and create a collage of your child’s favourite things or pictures. 

If you want to add more colour and personality to your child’s room, you can also go for colourful wall accessories like shelves and baskets. You can use them to store books, toys and even clothing. You can also go for decorative wall shelves or hanging shelves. This will help make the room look more organised.

15. Add a reading nook and bench

As you may have noticed, most kids love to read. They will spend more time reading than anything else. This can be a great way to relax and unwind after a long day at school. So, why not add a reading nook to your child’s room? This will help her feel more at ease in her own space. You can use a beautiful chaise or a bench along with a wall-mounted shelf for books and a table lamp. 

A reading nook will not only add a relaxing vibe to your child’s room but will also be a great place for you and your child to bond and spend quality time together. You can choose a colour that will match your décor or accentuate your child’s favourite colour.


The bottom line

There are many ways to create a room that is as pink as your heart desires. You can paint the walls pink, hang pink fairy lights, get pink bookshelves, get a pink comforter, and much more. There are many ways to make a room look and feel like a little girl’s paradise, regardless of her age or interests.