It’s no surprise that hoodies are one of the most popular clothing items in today’s market. It is king every fall and winter season. 

Hoodies are the perfect jacket to keep you cosy when the temperature drops. From the comfort they provide to their versatility, there are so many reasons why people love wearing hoodies. 

But what makes the hoodie such a great jacket isn’t just its functionality — it’s also the design! From classic patterns and bold colours to unique designs and neutral tones, there’s a hoodie out there for everyone. 

In addition to their popularity as an item of clothing, they can also be a great marketing tool for you as an entrepreneur. After all, if you’re selling something, a cool and fun design makes it that much more enticing for your customers to buy. 

Let’s check out some of the best selling design ideas for your next hoodie collection.


1. Create a fan hoodie

If you’re selling a product related to a particular fandom, your customers will likely be diehard fans of that same fandom. Thus, you can create a fan hoodie that’s themed around your product or service. 

You can do this by using popular characters and pop culture references to showcase the benefits of your product. 

For example, if you sell a hoodie that’s designed for a pop singing group, then incorporating the characters and references into the design of your hoodie will be a surefire way to make your product look more appealing to that person. 

2. Superhero hoodie

As the name suggests, a superhero hoodie design depicts the hero (or villains) of your product’s story. Thus, creating a superhero hoodie is a great idea because it’s another way to make your hoodies look more significant than they are. In other words, you can use the superhero theme to make your hoodie seem more important. 

This is beneficial because people love products that seem more important than they are. Thus, if you’re selling a hoodie that tells people how to be a better person, incorporating superhero design elements is a clever idea.

3. Design your Pokémon

Pokémon is a timeless hit. In other words, there are millions of people who grew up with this anime/ manga series. Thus, if you’re selling a product related to Pikachu or other Pokémon characters, then you’d be smart to design a hoodie that depicts one of these monsters.

With that in mind, a hoodie design depicting a Pokémon is a great idea because it’s a unique design that will appeal to millions of fans of Pikachu and Pokémon. 

4. Sports team hoodie

If you’re selling a product related to a sports team, then creating a sports team hoodie is a great idea. This is because it’s a unique and creative marketing idea that will help boost sales for your product. 

A sports team hoodie is ideal for almost any sport. This is because almost every sport has a team that’s popular with the general public. Thus, if you’re selling a product related to one of these popular teams, then a sports team hoodie is a great marketing idea.

5. Colour contrast and composition

The colour contrast plays a vital role in a successful selling design. It is important to have a range of colours in your design which will not only attract the buyer’s attention but also stimulate them to buy your product. 

A good way to ensure that your design has a good colour contrast is by using grey or black colours in your design. The colours should not be too much in the design as it can lead to a messy design. 

Grey or black colours are used to highlight the main image of the design, make it the most important part of the design and also set the stage for the other colours.

6. Sharpie art

Sharpie art is the next selling idea for your next hoodie or sweatshirt. These hand-drawn illustrations are creative and beautiful. 

Sharpies are permanent and waterproof, so you can draw on almost any surface. They are available in a variety of colours and are affordable. These are great for designs that need to be bold and colourful.

7. Pop culture and cartoon

Pop culture and cartoon designs are popular among backers because they are simple, relatable, and timeless. This design idea is ideal for campaigns that will appeal to younger backers. 

You can create a campaign around pop culture or draw your cartoon characters. A popular cartoon idea is to use pop culture or cartoons as the focal point of a design. 

8. Geometric shapes and patterns

Geometric shapes and patterns are also ideal for selling products. These designs are simple, timeless, and classic. 

Patterns are also available in a range of colours, making them appealing to a variety of buyers. You can choose from a selection of geometric shapes and patterns that can create an abstract or abstract pattern design on a plain surface. 

9. Bold letters and symbols

Bold and clear lettering is another great selling idea for hoodies, t-shirts, and other apparel products. This design idea appeals to many buyers, especially those with visual or auditory impairment. You can use bold lettering to create a slogan or a word that explains your product. 

10. Hand lettering and illustration

These designs are unique and beautiful at the same time. These designs are perfect for campaigns that want to stand out among the rest.

11. Create an exclusive design for a club or group

If you have a particular group of people who love your product, then creating an exclusive design for that group is a great idea. 

For example, if you’re selling a hoodie that’s designed for fans of a particular sports team, then creating an exclusive design for that team would be a great marketing idea. This is because it’s a one-of-a-kind design that’s not available to other customers. Thus, you’ll be able to sell a limited edition hoodie to customers who are diehard fans of that team. 

12. Create a funny hoodie

Humour is king when it comes to marketing. Thus, a funny hoodie is ideal for almost any product. This is because a funny hoodie is easy to design and comes with a lot of potential for sales. Almost any product can be made more appealing with a little bit of humour. 

13. Faux fur hoods

This faux fur hood is the perfect way to keep anyone self warm and cosy. It’s soft and warm, making it ideal for keeping the hair out of their face in chilly weather. Fur also tends to hold warmth, so anyone wearing this will be extra toasty when wearing it. 

14. Create a peplum hoodie

What makes a hoodie a great candidate for a peplum design? They have a similar fit to a dress or sleeve. That’s exactly what a peplum is for. The peplum makes a shirt look like something you would wear for special occasions. A peplum design is a great way to make a lot of money from an old hoodie.

15. Embroidered hoodie

You can always sew on some embroidery in a hoodie. With a little imagination and some patience, you can turn those plain sweatshirts into beautiful pieces of clothing. 

You can find a ton of design ideas online – or create some of your own! Once you have your design picked out, you can then transfer the design to the sweatshirt using iron-on transfer paper. Make sure that you’re using a good transfer paper, and that you iron the paper onto the sweatshirt evenly. You can then sew the design onto the sweatshirt using a basic sewing machine.


Hoodies for sale!

Hoodies are a very popular fashion item. With these design ideas, you can create a variety of different products that are perfect for selling online. You can also make a bunch of money selling these products because they’re perfect for gift giving. 

Hoodies are very popular and competition is fierce, thus, you’ll have to make sure your design is unique, appealing and above all else, cool and fun.