11 Unique Pub Decor Ideas

Decorating Your Pub with Creative and Easy Ideas

Your local watering hole is your community’s heartbeat and a place for friends to come together. Local pubs are the perfect place for everyone to unwind after work or to connect with friends on the weekend. There is something about a cosy bar that invites people in and makes them feel at home. 

So, how can you make your pub feel more inviting? In addition to the drinks, food and live music that naturally draw people in, the interior of your establishment should also help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

From small tweaks such as rearranging furniture or hanging artwork, to large-scale renovations such as adding an entire restaurant or lounge space, there are many ways you can add character to your pub without breaking the bank or taking much time. 

Check out these 11 tips for designing a unique interior that will bring people back again and again.


1. Don’t skimp on the basics

You wouldn’t put a £500 pair of dress shoes in your closet, so why would you put a cheap bar in your pub? Invest in a quality bar that will last for years and make your patrons feel more welcome. 

There’s nothing more off-putting than a dingy and grimy bar, so invest in a set of high-quality barstools, a high-quality work surface and some attractive and durable glassware. Invest in a quality mirror or hang a large, attractive-enough-to-put-on-the-wall piece such as a print or canvas in the corner of your pub.

2. Add in some quirky details

Nothing says ‘I’m quirky’ like a decorative plate depicting a minion or panda holding a drink. Pairing a geometric patterned dish with a bold, patterned drink coaster will create a fun-yet-functional design that will stand out next to your barstools. Install a mural, deck out your bar with colourful and quirky wall-mounted signs or use your walls as a canvas for posters.

3. Keep it clean and light

A room full of heavy, dark furniture and decorations can be off-putting and even oppressive to some patrons. Instead of heavy furniture and decorations in the vein of ‘depressing,’ keep your decor light and clean. 

Pair dark furniture with pastel walls, use light colours for your wall decorations and hang colourful posters that contrast with your bar’s decor. Light colours calm patrons and make your pub feel more inviting, while heavy decorations can seem oppressive and even scary to some people. In general, lighter colours are generally more welcoming and calming while darker colours can have a more dramatic effect on a room.

4. Ditch the menu board for a display piece

A display piece or a piece of wall art can be a great way to showcase your pub’s drinks, instead of a menu board. 

For example, try displaying your bar’s signature drink with a bottle or bottle rack. Try pairing your display piece with a decorative light fixture or adding colourful wall art for a more sophisticated look. 

A display piece can also double as a place for your bar’s daily specials. This way, you don’t have to hang up signs or risk leaving them in the wrong spot during busy rushes. Instead, you can easily set up a sign holder on the wall behind your bar.

5. Use colour influences

Using colour influences to decorate your pub can make a big difference. You can use the colours of your logo, your interior design/architectural colour scheme, or the colours of your food.

6. Decorate with a graffiti print

Graffiti is a common and inexpensive way to decorate. It’s also a great option if you have an unusual wall colour or surface, such as wood or concrete.

Whether you choose to do simple lettering or something a little messier, a graffiti print will add some personality to your interior. Graffiti prints can be found at most discount stores and big-box retailers, or on online retailers such as Amazon and Etsy. 

While you may have to buy multiple prints to get the effect you’re after, the effort is minimal. Be sure to fix areas where the wall meets furniture or other surfaces, as well as joints in the wall, so that the print doesn’t peel or fade over time.

7. Go all-out with a sports theme

Use a sports theme to decorate with murals, wall art, and other decors. You can also incorporate sports-themed artwork into furniture or other furnishings, such as an armchair that has a team logo or logo from a favourite sport. You can find sports murals online or at retail stores that sell art. If you’re not sure where to start, search “sports wall art” on Google and you’ll find plenty of ideas.

8. Maintain a natural and simple style

When decorating with natural elements, you can keep things simple and understated. Choose neutral colours, such as white, grey, and brown, to keep the decor classic. Then use natural elements, such as plants and wooden planks and branches, to tie in your favourite outdoor elements. 

If you want to add a more sophisticated touch to the decor, you can use lighting to highlight botanicals, such as plants or botanical prints. Find inexpensive lamps in natural or neutral colours and turn them on when you’re serving food or drinks. You can also use botanicals, such as candles or oil lamps, to add a natural touch to your decor.

9. Choose the right lighting for your space

Like with any decorating trend, choosing the right lighting for your drinking hole is an important consideration. 

In many cases, you will have to choose between different types of fixtures, such as wall sconces, ceiling pendants, or table lamps. You may also have to choose between different types of lighting, such as incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, or LED bulbs. 

When it comes to choosing the right lighting for your space, consider the following: What room is being lit? If you want to light up a hallway, a foyer, or another space, you may want to consider different lighting options.

10. Keep it organized and functional

You don’t have to have a bunch of stuff lying around the bar. Make sure that everything is organized and functional. This includes your beer and wine bottles, glasses, utensils, and other bar equipment. 

If you have a proper bar set up and you have everything properly arranged and labelled, you can reduce the risk of someone getting served the wrong drink. You also want to keep your cash drawer and other bar equipment organized so it’s easy to find what you need quickly.

11. Add cosy seating

To make your customers feel right at home, add some cosy seating. You can do this by placing chairs around a table or in a corner, or you can even have a bench or a sofa in the back of the pub. 

You can use these seats for seating your customers, seating yourself, or for decorating. You can use items like decorative candles, masks, or artwork to make your space feel more inviting and create a great ambience. 

You can also place some lamps in these seating areas to make the space feel more welcoming. These seating areas for events, live music, or smaller gatherings with your friends. Cosy seating areas can also be a great place to put a tiki torch as it creates a great atmosphere.


Wrapping up

There’s no doubt that a pub is a viable option for socializing, but it can be an awkward experience if the space is boring or underwhelming. By adding a few modern decor ideas to your interior, you can breathe new life into your drinking hole and make it an exciting place to visit. 


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