Bali is a destination that almost everyone knows about. It’s an exotic island off the coast of Indonesia with a very distinct culture. One of Bali’s biggest draws is its natural beauty; the warm, wet climate and lush tropical rainforests combined make it one of the world’s most beautiful places to visit. 

If you’ve been looking for a way to bring some Bali into your home but don’t have time to travel there, look no further! This post features ideas for a Bali-inspired bedroom. 

Bedrooms in Bali have an atmosphere all their own. Earthy, simple and minimalistic. Simple yet exquisite. Warm yet cool. Homey but modern. These are just some of the many things that make sleeping in Bali a unique experience. If you are looking for a tropical retreat with a hint of Balinese culture, then you’re at the right place!

Here are the 11 best ideas for a Balinese-inspired bedroom.


1. Get a Bali-inspired bedroom furniture set

In addition to its tropical beauty and exotic culture, Bali also happens to be a favourite place for bedroom furniture. If you’re looking for a cosy way to bring a bit of Bali into your home, a bed frame that looks like a simple, woven hammock would be perfect! You can make this frame from pine or rattan. 

For a more formal look, a bed table that is part of the frame can be used as a desk or a side table. You can find many types of bed frames on the market, so it’s important to do your research and choose the perfect match for your bedroom décor.

2. Choose a colour palette that compliments the room’s tone

The colour schemes of bedrooms in Bali are vibrant, colourful and very much inspired by the tropical or tropical-influenced climate. The colour scheme of the room should complement the colour scheme of the bedroom. 

This means that if you have a bedroom that is predominantly white or light yellow, you may want to try pairing your colours with those of the walls to create a more vibrant space.

3. Decorate your room with Bali-inspired paintings

One of the things that make Bali such an attractive destination is its rich cultural legacy. As a result, many places in Bali have frescoes that are some of the best in the world. One of the great things about Bali-inspired paint designs is that they can be applied to just about anything. You can use them as wall art, for example, or as a backdrop for bachelor’s dance parties or sunset cocktails. You can also try combining colourful Bali-inspired paint designs with other artists such as nature scenes, animals, or flowers to create a stunning mural for your bedroom wall.

4. Bali-inspired bed

While hammocks are the most popular way to lounge on the beach in Bali, you can also try turning your bed into a cosy bed with a Tempur-pedic pillow. It might sound like a crazy idea, but you can find plenty of examples of couples who have transformed their bedroom using pillows. And don’t be afraid to try out new things; there are plenty of ways to personalize your pillow to make it look and feel like a piece of furniture. For example, you can add decorative elements like zippers, buttons, and iron strips to the pillow to make it look more like a piece of furniture. The possibilities are endless!

5. Have your exotic textiles

Purchase Bali-inspired textiles. You can choose from a wide variety of fabrics, including cotton, damask, silk, georgette, and organza. You can also choose from a wide variety of printed and painted fabrics, as well as a large selection of bed sheets. 

For painted fabrics, the range is even greater, with several beautiful patterns and designs to choose from.

6. Take a cue from the elements

You can do that by adding beachy décor, or you can choose to go full steam ahead with tropical prints and wall hangings. You can also create a Bahasa Indonesia-inspired home with a traditional Balinese-style house. The possibilities are endless.

7. Choosing colourful textiles

When it comes to adding some Bali style to your home, a bed sheet with a decorative twist is one of the most exciting ideas. You can also try adding a colourful sari to the bed to give the room a more exotic feel. For a more low-key look, you can try adding a simple colour scheme to the bedroom walls.

A bed cover with a colour theme is just the thing. You can choose from a variety of bright, colourful designs to create a room that’s easy on the eyes. You can also try pairing your bed cover with a simple, yet stunning table lamp to create a charming table centrepiece.

8. Bali-inspired wall art

It can be applied to any wall, but try adding a few Bali-inspired prints to the bedroom wall. Bali prints are wall art with an emphasis on nature, so they’re a great way to incorporate the look into your bedroom. If you want to go more tropical, you can also try using tropical flowers in your bedroom wall art.

9. Arrange your furniture to create a visual flow

When you are trying to create a balanced room, it is good to start with the arrangement of the furniture. The arrangement should flow from the back of the room towards the front so that the weight is distributed evenly. 

This can be achieved by using an oxblood or timber finish on the back of the furniture to create an attractive contrast with the white or light yellow walls. 

This flow should also extend to the floor. If the floor is the dominant colour in the room, arrangements should be focused on using colours that contrast but are not too intense against the floor.

10. Bali art and decor

If you are going for a more artsy and creative look in your bedroom, you may wish to look into the field of Bali art and decor. There are numerous designs, paintings and more that are inspired by the beautiful Bali landscape and culture. 

If you are a person who appreciates beauty, then Bali art and decor will pamper you. Look out for works that are inspired by nature, such as the famous leopard and monkey paintings. 

11. Bedroom décor in Bali

Getting to know your floor plan the placement and design of your furniture to create a visual flow from the back of the room to the front. Use neutral tones to maximise the impact of your room’s colour scheme. 

Put less emphasis on the design of the walls themselves and more emphasis on how they accentuate the colour scheme of your room. Use consistent colour schemes in your room to help you create an atmosphere that feels both cosy and spacious at the same time.


Wrap up

The Bali-inspired bedroom design ideas that follow will give you a headstart in designing your bedroom. From creative bedroom furniture to bedroom textiles and wall decorations, there’s an idea for every room in your house. So, get inspired and start creating!