This article will explore ten bedroom decorating ideas that can refresh your space without breaking the bank. With a budget of under £100, you can transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of style and comfort.

By incorporating simple yet effective techniques, you can create a space that reflects your personality and promotes relaxation. Implementing these eleven bedroom decorating ideas, you can refresh your space for under £100 and create a stylish bedroom that reflects your taste and style.

Adding a Statement Wall with Paint or Wallpaper

Incorporating a statement wall through the application of paint or wallpaper is a cost-effective method to revitalise one’s bedroom aesthetic while maintaining a sense of elegance and refinement.

One can instantly transform the room’s atmosphere by choosing a bold colour or pattern for the statement wall. Paint is versatile, allowing various finishes and effects, such as textured or metallic surfaces. Wallpaper, on the other hand, offers a wide range of patterns, from subtle designs to intricate motifs.

Using paint or wallpaper on a single wall creates a focal point, drawing attention to the desired area and adding visual interest to the space. Additionally, this approach allows for easy updates and changes in the future, as paint or wallpaper can be easily replaced or repainted.

Overall, incorporating a statement wall offers an affordable and creative way to refresh one’s bedroom environment.

Rearranging Furniture for a New Layout

To create a new layout in your bedroom, consider rearranging the furniture to optimise the use of space and enhance the room’s functionality.

Start by assessing the current arrangement and identifying areas for improvement. Think about the flow of the room and how you can maximise the available space. Experiment with different furniture placements, considering each piece’s purpose and how they can best serve your needs.

For example, placing the bed against a different wall or in a different corner can open up space for other furniture or create a more visually appealing focal point.

Additionally, consider the placement of storage solutions such as dressers and shelves to ensure easy access and efficient organisation.

By rearranging your bedroom furniture, you can transform the look and feel of the space while maintaining functionality and comfort.

Updating Bedding and Pillows

Updating bedding and pillows involves selecting new textiles and patterns that can add colour, texture, and visual interest to the room’s overall aesthetic. One can create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere by choosing bedding and pillows that complement the existing décor.

When updating the bedding, consider the different types of materials available, such as cotton, linen, or silk, as they each offer unique benefits in terms of comfort and durability. Additionally, selecting patterns and colours that coordinate with the room’s existing colour scheme can create a harmonious and visually pleasing effect.

Adding decorative pillows in various sizes and shapes can also enhance the bed’s overall look and provide extra comfort and support. Carefully selecting and arranging bedding and pillows can transform the bedroom into a cosy and stylish retreat without breaking the bank.

Incorporating Plants for a Natural Touch

Incorporating plants into the bedroom can bring a touch of nature and tranquillity to the space, creating a soothing and serene atmosphere. Plants have been proven to improve air quality by reducing toxins and increasing oxygen levels, which can promote better sleep and overall well-being. Additionally, plants add visual interest and texture to the room, making it more inviting and cosy.

As you enter the bedroom, imagine being greeted by a vibrant green fern hanging from the ceiling, its delicate fronds gently swaying in the breeze. On the windowsill, a row of succulents basks in the sunlight, their varied shapes and colours creating a mini desert oasis. Finally, a tall, leafy palm stands in the corner, its large, fan-like leaves casting playful shadows on the walls.

The presence of these plants not only brings a natural touch to the room but also evokes a sense of calmness and serenity, making it the perfect sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Installing Affordable Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures are essential in creating an inviting and well-lit bedroom space. They not only provide the necessary illumination but also contribute to the room’s overall ambience and aesthetic appeal.

Various options can transform your bedroom without breaking the bank when looking for affordable lighting fixtures. Consider incorporating LED strip lights, which are cost-effective and versatile in terms of placement and customisation. These lights can be easily installed under shelves, behind headboards, or along the ceiling to add a subtle and warm glow.

Another budget-friendly option is pendant lights, which can be hung above the bedside tables or in a corner, creating a focal point and adding a touch of elegance. Additionally, table lamps with adjustable brightness settings offer both functionality and style.

By choosing affordable lighting fixtures, you can enhance the visual appeal of your bedroom without exceeding your budget.

DIY Artwork and Wall Decorations

One way to add a personal touch to your living environment is by exploring the world of DIY artwork and wall decorations. DIY artwork allows individuals to express their creativity and create unique pieces that reflect their personal style. There are countless ideas and techniques, including painting, collage, and mixed media.

For example, individuals can create abstract paintings by experimenting with different colours and textures or create collages using old magazines, photographs, and other materials. Additionally, wall decorations such as handmade macrame hangings or embroidered wall art can add a touch of bohemian charm to any space.

By engaging in DIY artwork and wall decorations, individuals can personalise their living environment and engage in a fulfilling and enjoyable creative process.

Utilising Mirrors to Reflect Light and Create the Illusion of Space

Mirrors serve as a strategic design element that can enhance the ambience of a room and create the illusion of a more spacious environment. The placement of mirrors in bedroom decor can have a transformative effect on the overall atmosphere and layout of the room.

Here are four ways in which mirrors can be used to reflect light and create the illusion of space:

  1. Placement: Positioning mirrors opposite windows or light sources can maximise the reflection of natural light, instantly brightening up the room and making it feel larger.
  2. Wall Decor: Hanging a large mirror on a focal wall can create a statement piece while also amplifying the visual depth of the room.
  3. Furniture Accent: Incorporating mirrored furniture, such as a vanity or bedside table, can add a touch of elegance and reflect light throughout the space.
  4. Mirror Panels: Installing mirror panels on wardrobe doors or closet walls can give the impression of an expanded area, perfect for smaller bedrooms.

By strategically incorporating mirrors, one can achieve a more spacious and well-lit bedroom, transforming it into a visually appealing and inviting space.

Incorporating Textiles and Throws for Cosiness

Incorporating textiles and throws can be a game-changer in the quest to create a welcoming and cosy bedroom environment. These soft and comforting elements add a touch of luxury to your space and provide warmth and cosiness during the colder months.

By strategically placing plush throws on your bed or draping them over a chair or ottoman, you can instantly transform the ambience of your bedroom. Opt for faux fur, chunky knits, or velvet fabrics to add texture and visual interest. Additionally, consider choosing throws in colours that complement your existing decor to create a cohesive and harmonious look.

Whether you prefer a minimalist or bohemian style, incorporating textiles and throws into your bedroom decor will undoubtedly elevate your space’s comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Adding Accent Rugs or Floor Mats

Adding accent rugs or floor mats can enhance the overall aesthetic of a bedroom while also providing a soft and comfortable surface to walk on. These decorative elements can transform a plain and dull bedroom into a cosy and inviting space.

Accent rugs come in various sizes, shapes, and patterns, allowing individuals to choose the perfect option that complements their bedroom decor. A rug with vibrant colours or intricate designs can add visual interest to an otherwise plain room, while a neutral-coloured rug can create a calming and soothing atmosphere.

Additionally, floor mats near the bed can add a touch of luxury and warmth, making it pleasant to step out of bed in the morning.

Overall, incorporating accent rugs or floor mats is an affordable and effective way to refresh the bedroom and create a more appealing and comfortable environment.

Upcycling Furniture with a Fresh Coat of Paint or New Hardware

Upcycling furniture by applying a fresh coat of paint or replacing the hardware can significantly transform the look and feel of a bedroom. This cost-effective approach allows individuals to breathe new life into their existing furniture without breaking the bank.

A fresh coat of paint can instantly update outdated furniture, giving it a modern and stylish appearance. Individuals can create a cohesive and visually pleasing space by choosing a colour that complements the overall aesthetic of the bedroom.

Additionally, replacing old hardware, such as drawer handles or knobs, can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the furniture. This simple change can significantly impact the overall design and functionality of the bedroom.

Furthermore, upcycling furniture through painting or replacing hardware offers a sustainable solution, reducing waste and contributing to a greener environment.

Creating a Reading Nook or Relaxation Corner

Creating a cosy reading nook or relaxation corner in a bedroom can provide a serene and peaceful space for individuals to unwind and indulge in their favourite books or hobbies. To create such a space, consider the following ideas:

  • Comfortable seating: Choose a plush armchair or a comfortable bean bag that offers support and relaxation.
  • Soft lighting: Install a dimmable lamp or fairy lights to create a warm and soothing ambience.
  • Cosy textiles: Add soft cushions, blankets, and a plush rug to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere.
  • Storage solutions: Incorporate shelves or a bookcase to keep books and other essentials organised and within reach.
  • Personal touches: Decorate the nook with personal items, such as artwork, photographs, or plants, to make it more personalised and inviting.

By incorporating these elements, individuals can transform a corner of their bedroom into a tranquil and rejuvenating sanctuary, perfect for escaping the stresses of daily life and immersing oneself in relaxation and enjoyment.


In conclusion, these 10-bedroom decorating ideas offer affordable ways to refresh your space without breaking the bank.

Adding a statement wall with paint or wallpaper, rearranging furniture, and updating bedding and pillows can create a whole new look. Incorporating plants, affordable lighting fixtures, and decorative accessories can add a natural touch and enhance the ambience. Upcycling furniture, creating a reading nook, and adding unique decorative items can personalise your space and make it truly yours.

With these ideas, you can transform your bedroom into a stylish and inviting sanctuary.