11 Adorable Home Bedroom Designs 

Turn your sleep space into a luxurious place


Bedrooms are often viewed as a personal spaces. Your bedroom can make or break your day, so let’s talk about it! 

Your bedroom is where you cuddle up with a good book or watch Netflix with your partner before he gets home from work. It’s where you get dressed and ready for the next day. If you’re looking for a room that will leave you feeling refreshed each morning, then a bedroom that serves as an oasis of calm may be what you’re looking for. All you need is some practice and your style to create the perfect home study or bedroom. 

Homey décor in the bedroom reflects who you are as a person. So what kind of bedroom do you think matches your personality? Below we have 10 adorable home bedroom designs that will turn your sleep space into a luxurious place.


1. Country cottage bedroom design 

One of the most adorable bedroom designs you’ll see is a country cottage bedroom design with a white bedroom theme. The walls will be a light colour to give the room a country-ish feel, and the bed is the star of the show with its round shape and charming country feel. 

If you’re thinking about doing up a country-themed bedroom, you may want to keep in mind that country cottages don’t usually get too crowded, so you’ll have plenty of room to manoeuvre around and make the most of the open-plan space. 

Just stay in the same bed, and you can wake up and chat with your partner before you have to get ready for the day! This bedroom design is sure to please and is great for couples who want a small bedroom but also want some space for their stuff.

2. Blue theme

If you’re looking for a bedroom that’s simple and charming, with a hint of blue in the decor, this is the bedroom design for you! 

White walls, a blue comforter, and a black nightstand are this bedroom design’s mainstay, but with a few extra touches. The closet door would open into a shelf, perfect for storing all your toiletries, and there would be a small window above the door so light could shine in and create a pretty, evening light show in the bedroom. 

The blue walls make this bedroom design feel calm and peaceful as if you’re lying in a cloud of blue sweet dreams, with the window providing a beautiful view of the night sky.

3. Warm colour scheme 

If you’re looking for a bedroom that has a warm colour scheme, but also wants to feel a little snazzier, this is the design for you! The bedroom walls will be a rich, warm colour like orange, yellow, red, or cream, which will add a rustic charm to the room. 

The bed itself will be a piece of farmhouse furniture with a wooden frame and a comfortable mattress. To finish off this cosy and warm design, you may want to add some decorative farmhouse furniture to add that classic, old-fashioned feel to the room. 

4. Grey theme

If you’re in the mood for a dramatic and elegant bedroom design, this is the one for you! The walls will be a rich dark grey, which will blend well with the bedside tables and the bed frame itself, while the headboard will feature a white design. Add in some red curtains to match the bedside tables, and you’ve got yourself a dramatic and elegant bedroom design. 

The sofa bed could be any type of sofa, but in this case, we’re using a rustic, two-person sofa. This sofa has a cosy, sleep-inducing feel to it, and would be the perfect addition to this bedroom design. The windowsill is filled with pretty orchids and between the two of you you can take a gander at the flowers when you get in bed (in privacy, of course).

5. Chic bedroom

For a bright and bold bedroom, try pairing white walls and bed with bright colours; orange walls, a blue bed, and the red door will look great together. Blue walls can be matched with a red bed and an orange door with bright green curtains. 

If you go the more natural route and use dark wood for a bed frame, you will get a bedroom that feels more like a living space. A great idea is to paint the walls a neutral colour so that the bedroom looks more like a living room space. 

You can also add decorative pillows, a photo frame or two, and an adorable nightstand to complete the room. If you are not a huge fan of bright colours, there is an option to go with an earthy and calming colour scheme in the bedroom. A great way to go with dark walls, wooden furniture, and bright green curtains is to create a green bedroom. This will surely brighten your day!

6. Simple sophistication 

If you cannot stand the thought of your bedroom turning into a museum, or you are on a strict budget, there is an option to go with an extremely simple design. A simple bedroom is a comfortable, cosy space where you can relax and get ready for the day. Add some charm to the room with a couple of fun accents, like a pendant light or a decorative phone case.

Try this simple bedroom design that has exposed wood furniture, a white bed with an iron bed frame, and white curtains.

7. Pink and black

Pink is one of the most popular colours for bedroom decor and bedroom design. There is something about the colour that brings out the beauty and innocence in a person. If you want a playful and quirky bedroom that is also elegant, try pairing your bedroom with a piece of furniture in black. 

A simple black bed with a pretty black and white comforter and a couple of cute black pillows will do the trick. If you think your bedroom needs a little more pizzazz, a pink cuddly teddy bear can be an adorable addition to the room. There is nothing more comforting and adorable than a cuddly teddy bear in your bed. 

8. Warm tone of brown 

If your bedroom is on the older side and you want to stay in Retro style, go for it! The rich brown colour will perfectly blend with your old wooden furniture. If you have no idea what brown is, don’t worry. It is not a scary colour it can be paired with a lot of things. 

9. A rustic orange bedroom

If you’re looking for a more mature, romantic bedroom theme, try a rustic orange bedroom. This colour is great for any room, as it’s bold, bright, and imparts a calming mood. But don’t limit yourself; the adult orange can also be used in kid’s rooms, and it works just as well for grown-ups. 

If your bedroom is on the smaller side, consider using a piece of furniture like an end table or a side table—it can easily take the place of a bedside table and add a retro flair to any bedroom. And don’t forget the lights! They’re a must in any bedroom, and an extra touch of colourful lights is sure to make any room look cosy and happy.

10. A mesmerizing green room

Green is perhaps the most calming colour out there, which is why it makes sense that it would be the perfect choice for a bedroom. It also happens to be one of the healthier colours you can choose for your walls, which can help reduce the risk of insomnia. 

11. Purple bedroom

The soothing tone of this room is guaranteed to quiet the mind (and stomach) down to hearth and bed. The colour scheme is neutral, the walls are painted a calming purple, and the bedding is soft and inviting. The possibilities are endless with this room design.


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