Glamorous decor ideas that you can adapt and apply to your home


What kind of home decor would be complete without a touch of glamour? The Edwardian era was all about refinement and class. From the intricate detail to the exquisite fabrics, everything from the architecture to the home decor had to make an impression. This was an era when people were obsessed with aesthetics, so it’s no surprise that many of these gilded home designs are still popular today.

Edwardian house decor doesn’t have to be something that you only see in old photos, either. There are plenty of modern-day interior designers who have taken inspiration from this period and put it into practice in their own homes. 

So whether you have a space that you need some new ideas for or you just want to bring a touch of old-school charm into your abode, here are some exemplary examples of Edwardian house decor ideas that you can adapt and apply to your abode.


1. Brimful of colour

The Edwardian era was the first time the world got to see the explosion of vibrant, natural colour. People had gotten used to greys and browns from the Victorian period, but with the arrival of the Edwardian style, they were introduced to oranges, pinks, and blues. 

This would influence the colour palette of the following decades, and it would be a huge part of the reason why the Edwardian style is such a popular choice for decorating today. 

You can incorporate the Edwardian love of vivid colour into your home with the use of patterns and textures that complement these hues. You can add colourful wall art or flowers in orange to create an even more vivid space. If you have a blue wall, you can use blue wallpapers, blue area rugs, or blue pillows to create a cool, aquatic vibe in your home.

2. Matching artwork and furnishings

Edwardian homes were renowned for their artwork, and you can use some of the same methods that were used back then to bring some of this elegance into your abode. You can either hang framed pieces of artwork that have a similar colour palette to the walls or use affordable prints from online art stores. 

Keep in mind that while prints can be used effectively as wall decorations, they aren’t ideal for items such as pictures or clocks. It’s best to use prints as the foundation of your decorating scheme to enhance it with other vintage decors. 

If you can’t find any Edwardian-inspired artwork, you can also try using vintage postcards as wall hangings. You can also use frames to create a collage of pictures with a similar colour scheme to the decor of your room. You can even try using old maps as wall decor.

3. Vintage Accessories

If you have a bar counter in your kitchen, you can try to find some items with a vintage theme for storage or for sitting on the countertop itself. The same goes for a dining table. If you have a vintage table with similar wood, you can use it to arrange vintage tableware with a similar colour scheme to the table. You can also try using vintage cutlery and crockery to create an intimate setting for your meals. 

However, you should keep in mind that these items have been used and will look older than new ones. You can also use them as serving platters for snacks and other types of casual parties.

4. Lots of lace

Lace is a truly classic motif for the Edwardian era, and it’s one of the first decorative materials to be used in the style. 

You can add lace to the bottom of a vase or arrange it around a dessert plate for an elegant touch. You can also incorporate lace into your home décor through accessories such as throw blankets, pillows, and bedding, or you can create a lace-inspired wallpaper or piece of decorative art. You can even use lace to create a DIY accent wall by hanging decorative pieces such as lace curtains or a decorative valance.

Lace may have fallen out of fashion by the end of the Edwardian era, but it was an extremely popular motif in the early parts of the twentieth century. Everything from tablecloths to curtains, bedding, and clothing was often decorated with lace. And it’s not just lace that you’ll find decorating homes from this era. You’ll also find lots of crocheted and embroidered patterns, buttonholes, and embroidery. And don’t forget about the accessories! You’ll see lots of decorative items made from wood, metal, and even porcelain.

5. Roses everywhere!

The Edwardian era saw the introduction of the rose as a symbol of love, romance, and beauty. You can use roses as wall decor, on tableware, or as decorative items in your home. You can also grow roses in pots on your windowsill or on the balcony to create a lasting reminder of this popular motif. 

This was an important decorative motif in the Edwardian era, and roses are still popular in many homes today. You might also like to try adding a few roses to your porcelain figurines, vases, and even your furniture. There’s no end to the roses you can add to your Edwardian house decorating ideas!

6. Decorative figurines and animals

A love of animals and botanical illustration can be seen in the decorations of the Edwardian era, and you can use this to decorate your home with decorative figurines, animal sculptures, or botanical prints. 

This is a great way to add a little unexpected texture and colour to your home without using too many flowers or lace. Look out for decorative figurines and animals in many different materials, including wood, ceramic, and even porcelain. 

Decorative figurines were often decorated with a few roses and other flowers, as well as geometric patterns and Swallowtail butterflies. They were also often decorated with colourful patterns and materials such as enamel, glass, or even cloth. You might like to add a few decorative animals to your home as well, including birds, rabbits, and other small animals.

7. Classic Edwardian chairs

You might want to consider installing some vintage chairs in your home if you’d like to decorate with the Edwardian style. Vintage chairs in this style can be difficult to find, but they’re worth it if you want to add a little vintage style and colour to your house. 

You can also try searching for and installing some upcycled/vintage chairs if you want to decorate with the Edwardian style while keeping your budget in check. If you do choose to go the upcycled route, make sure they’re painted in a bright colour and decorated with patterned fabric and metal. You might also like to add some retro-style accessories like a vintage-style phone or a retro-style lamp.

8. Gilded framed mirrors

A gilded framed mirror can instantly update any room. It’s especially useful if you have a large space that could use some style. 

Mirror treatments like gilding and framing will instantly update any space! Gilded mirrors can be used to create a more formal look in a formal living room. The mirrored walls can be used to create a gallery wall full of beautiful art, or just as a stylish backdrop for your bedroom or living room. If you’re looking for a mirror that can fit into any style, gilded mirrors are one of the best ways to update your home.

9. Wallpapered walls with intricate patterns

If you have a wall that can support a large patterned wallpaper, you can create a stunning look in your home with Edwardian wallpapered walls. Intricate patterns are a great way to update your home with a classic style. If you don’t want to go with one large patterned wall, choose a more detailed pattern for one wall and a plainer pattern for the other wall. 

Choose a pattern that works with your home’s décor and make sure the pattern works well with your household colours. A patterned wallpaper will instantly update your home with a classic look and update your wall colours with a vibrant look.

10. Art nouveau lamp

Art nouveau style is a great way to update your home with Edwardian design elements. Choose an art nouveau lamp to instantly update your home with a classic look. 

Choose an art nouveau lamp that fits with your home’s decor and makes your home feel more modern. It’s important to keep in mind that the art nouveau style tends to be more expensive compared to other lamp styles, so make sure it works within your budget and doesn’t detract from your home’s decor.

Art nouveau-style lamps can be found at most lamp stores and online stores. They can be used to create a cosy home atmosphere or to brighten up your home for guests.

11. Matching chair and staircase 

If you’re lucky enough to have a staircase that is either custom-made or has one of the classic intricate designs, you can use this as the perfect opportunity to embellish the upper level with a different decor scheme. 

Matching the colour scheme of the wall behind the stairway with the fabrics on the chairs and the window treatments will make a big impact without taking up an incredible amount of space. It’s also worth thinking about whether you have a vintage elevator or staircase if you’re going for a more “classic” look. 

These types of decorating schemes can be especially useful in summer when you don’t want to block off your home with heavy curtains year-round. If you have a balcony or a veranda, you can use the same colour scheme to decorate there too. If not, you can even use the colour palette of your furniture as a guide.


Final Thoughts

A home isn’t complete without some classic Edwardian design elements. These eleven ideas will update any room in your home and make it feel like a slice of history. 

Go ahead and try out some of these design elements in your home to brighten it up and make it feel like a more authentic piece of history. These designs are sure to add some elegance to your home, and are a great way to update your home with a classic style. 

Make sure to keep in mind which style works best with your home’s decor and your budget when deciding which style to try out.